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by Travis Pike

May 24, 2022



Gun safes are one of those necessary things as a gun owner. You need some means to control access to your firearms, and a gun safe allows you to do that. A good gun safe allows you to protect your firearms from thieves, prevent access from unauthorized users, and secure your firearms from the environment in general. 

Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be teeny tiny and store nothing more than a snub nose revolver, or they can be so massive that you can walk into them. As such, it’s tough to do one extensive article on all the gun safes in the world. Today we are going to focus solely on under-bed safes. 

As the name implies, they slide under your bed and act as gun safes. They’ve proliferated in popularity in the last few years, and they bear mentioning. I’ve even succumbed to the under-bed gun safe and added one to my own safe collection. 

Why Under the Bed? 

For many, it will be about convenience. Living in an apartment or townhouse or similar situation limits your ability to own a traditional gun safe. It could be due to size. Gun safes tend to be large and quite heavy. You might not have room for a big stand-up gun safe. 

It might be impossible to take a 400-pound gun safe up multiple sets of stairs over and over. Heck, in some cases, there might be a safety and support issue with such a large gun safe. Also, if your collection isn’t very large, then you might not need anything bigger than an under-bed gun safe. 

For Security 

In terms of security, an under-bed safe offers you a decent degree of security versus a minimalist gun safe. Does it beat the massive, 400 pound beast of a full-sized gun safe? Nah, but compared to other compact safes, the nature of an under-bed gun safe helps with security. 

Heck, we all likely shoved a mess under our bed to hide it a time or two, right? The same principle applies. An under-the-bed gun safe doesn’t stand out or draw attention. It’s easy to hide and easy to secure. Hiding only takes you so far and shouldn’t be the only thing you do to secure your under-the-bed gun safe. 

Under the bed gun safes are super easy to bolt to the ground. Since the under-the-bed safe engages with a greater portion of the floor than a traditional compact safe, it’s much more secure when bolted to the floor. On top of that, they can also often be cabled to a heavy object. 

Personally, mine is secured to the floor and cabled to my heavy bed frame in such a way you have to cut the bed or cut the cordage to free it. It’s going to take a lot of effort to get that safe out. Trust me. It took a lot of effort to get the safe in there. 

Easy Access At Night 

Under the bed gun safes can also be quick opening designs. This allows you to safely store your home defense long gun and still have quick access to the gun. When something goes bump in the middle of the night, you can roll off the bed, pop the safe open and defend yourself. 

Under-bed gun safes make it super easy to store and access a tactical long gun. Their general layout makes it easy to grab the gun and get it into action. Most open quickly and easily and allow you to access your firearm without fighting with other firearms in your safe.

They allow you to store the firearm ready for action with a magazine, optic, sling, light, and more. Even in the middle of the day, these under-the-bed safes make it easy to get your hands on your gun and get it into action. 

Now that we know why an under-the-bed gun safe works, let’s look at some of the best on the market.

Best Under Bed Safes

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker
  • RFID Enabled 
  • Exceeds Cal DOJ and ASTM Standards
  • Can be Used Vertically or Horizontally
Check Price
SnapSafe Under Bed Safe
  • Perfect for moderate-sized gun collections
  • Tool-Free Installation
  • Digital Keypad
Check Price
Stealth Defense Vault DV652
  • Digital Keypad
  • Skinny, But Long
  • CA DOJ approved
Check Price
Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults HD-300 Quick Vault Combo
  • Compact size
  • Digital Keypad
  • Mounting Holes and Cable Included
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Fort Knox Shotgun Safe
  • Unique Positioned Door
  • Mechanical Simplex Lock 
  • Carpet Lined Interior
Check Price
Secure It Fast Box Model
  • It can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Digital Keypad
  • Internal Neoprene cushion
Check Price
  • Digital Keypad 
  • Can Be Hung From the Top
  • 100 Pound Drawer Capacity
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Best Under Bed Safes

  1. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker – Editors Choice
  2. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe – The Big Boy
  3. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 – Big, But Thin
  4. Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults HD-300 Quick Vault Combo – For Just Handguns
  5. Fort Knox Shotgun Safe – The Compact Option
  6. Secure It Fast Box Model – The Multi-Use
  7. MonsterVault – The OG

Under Bed Safe Specifications

Below is a list of our Best Under Bed Safes. So we can compare and line up the specs from each of the products and help you make the best decision possible.

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker42 inches15.25 inches6.75 inches50 pounds
SnapSafe Under Bed Safe48 inches24 inches7 inches150 pounds
Stealth Defense Vault DV65252 inches14 inches6 inches74 pounds
Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults HD-30013 inches9 inches6 inches13.9 pounds
Fort Knox Shotgun Safe47 inches13 inches6.5 inches47 pounds
Secure It Fast Box Model45 inches9.5 inches5 inches60 pounds
MonsterVault48 inches28 inches7 inches140 pounds

Best Under Bed Safe Reviews

Now we’ve had an overview and looked at our list, let us take the time to individually review each item. In this section we’ll be revisiting our specs, speaking into the product and looking at the pros and cons.

1. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

Editor's Choice

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID Touch Free Entry – Tamper proof gun safe perfect for storing gun accessories, rifles and shotguns – Heavy duty rifle gun safe for home and vehicle.

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker

  • Width 42 inches
  • Depth 15.25 inches
  • Height 6.75 inches
  • Weight 50 pounds

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker Review

The Hornady Rapid Series for gun safes are some of my favorites. They mix security with a high-tech design to ensure they are stored safely and easy to access. This is the best option available if you want an under-the-bed gun safe that will store your home defense firearms. It can store two to three firearms, depending on the size of the Rapid Safe. 

The large stores two and the XL stores three firearms. They store them very securely and make access easy in more ways than one. First, when inside the safe, they are stored between interior pegs and presented to the user. They can’t get tangled in each other and can get stuck on the lip of the safe when you try to access them. Plus, the pegs keep them from bouncing into each other. 

Five hardened locking lugs keep the door locked in place. It’s big enough to pack most tactical-length weapons, like AR 15s and tactical shotguns. You have a multitude of ways to unlock the safe. This includes a four-digit keypad, a standard lock and key, and RFID keys. 

The RFID keys allow you to open the safe instantly. Those keys come in many different forms. Hornady makes them as stickers, keychains, and even a handy bracelet you can wear at night, so you don’t have to seek a key out. 

Hornady Rapid Pros and Cons

  • Multiple unlocking options
  • Certified Child-resistant
  • Combines security and rapid access
  • Only designed for long guns

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker Deals

SnapSafe Specs

  • Width 48 inches
  • Depth 24 inches
  • Height 7 inches
  • Weight 150 pounds

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe Review

Do you have a moderate-sized gun collection? Maybe it’s made up of various firearms, including rifles, handguns, and shotguns. If so, you might need a bigger safe. The SnapSafe Under-bed safe gives you a big beast of a safe, at least for under-bed use. It’s 48 inches wide, with a dual-supported sliding shelf that glides outward to present your firearm to you. 

That shelf is carpeted for your firearm’s protection, but other than that, it’s completely open. You can put firearms on the shelf the way you want them. You can have anything from a dozen handguns to a few decked out, optics and light-equipped AR 15s to a mix of guns and ammo. Customize it your way for maximum storage or quick home defense access. 

Speaking of, the SnapSafe comes with a digital numeric keypad as well as a lock and key design. It’s pretty simple but plenty effective. It’s battery-powered, and users can set a three to eight-digit code. SnapSafe constructed the under-bed safe from 14 gauge steel and included a 5-foot steel cable and mounting holes for permanent installation. 

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe Pros and Cons

  • Huge!
  • Easy to Secure
  • Made to Last
  • Loud Beep when you press the buttons

SnapSafe Under Bed Safe Deals

3. Stealth Defense Vault DV652

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

The Stealth Defense Vault uses a digital keypad located on the flank of the safe and is made from 14 gauge steel and comes with four pre-mounted holes for permanent installation. 

Stealth Defense Specs

  • Length 52 inches
  • Depth 14 inches
  • Height 6 inches
  • Weight 74 pounds

Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Review

Do you have those annoying but necessary middle-of-the-bed supports? They make it really tough to find a safe big enough to fit long guns and fit under the bed. If that’s an issue you face, then you need to check out the Stealth Defense Vault, model DV652. Not only is this safe large enough to accommodate long guns, but it’s also not too big to deal with those pesky middle-of-the-bed supports.

This limits the number of guns you can store but gives you a compact long gun safe that can fit a couple of long guns and a couple of handguns. Not much more than that. A fully decked-out AR can easily sit in the safe without issue. There is enough room to stage your guns and gear for easy use. The shelf slides out super easily and makes it easy to access all your goodies. 

The Stealth Defense Vault uses a digital keypad located on the flank of the safe. I prefer a middle-placed keypad, but you get what you get. The Stealth Defense Vault is made from 14 gauge steel and comes with four pre-mounted holes for permanent installation. 

Stealth Defense Pros and Cons

  • Skinny for under the bed use
  • Great Keypad with backlight
  • Supported sliding tray
  • Poor keypad placement

Stealth Defense Deals

4. Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults HD-300 Quick Vault Combo

Liberty Safe Handgun Vaults HD-300 Quick Vault Combo

The Biggest of the Home Defender Vaults, the HD-300 Quick Vault provides secure access with the ease of a simple electronic combo.

HD-300 Specs

  • Width 9 inches
  • Length 13 inches
  • Height 6 inches
  • Weight 13.9 pounds

HD-300 Quick Vault Review

If you are looking for an under-bed safe and you only have handguns, you might not want a huge, silly safe. If so, the Liberty Safe Handgun Vault might be for you. Liberty Safe makes tons of great products, and these handgun safes are as secure as it gets. The 16 gauge steel outside and recessed door make it tough to drop, pry, kick, or hammer your way in. 

You can still access your firearms quick, fast, and in a hurry due to the top-mounted, tactile keyboard. It’s a four-digit design that allows you to quickly dial in your combo, drop the door, and grab your gun or guns. The Liberty Safe Handgun Vault comes in three sizes, and I prefer the large. 

When you drop the door of the large version, you get two shelves. Each is perfect for a separate handgun. You can pack a large and capable handgun, and it can be outfitted with all the goodies and doodads. This includes an optic, a light, and even a compensator, depending on the gun. Inside the safe, you get a light illumination and piston-assisted opening. 

Liberty Safe HD-300 Pros and Cons

  • Quick access
  • Internal illumination
  • The ramped design makes it an easy fit
  • Expensive for such a small safe

HD-300 Quick Vault Combo Deals

5. Fort Knox Shotgun Safe

Fort Knox Shotgun Safe

For plenty of people the defensive firearm of choice is the shotgun with its close range explosiveness and effectiveness. A shotgun safe enables you to keep your firearm of choice secured yet close by for quick access when you need it most.

Fort Knox Shotgun Specs

  • Width 47 inches
  • Depth 13 inches
  • Height 6.5 inches
  • Weight 47 pounds

Fort Knox Shotgun Safe Review

All the options on this list have a side-mounted door that opens up longways. This means you have to position the safe a particular way under your bed. The Fort Knox Shotgun safe allows you to open the safe from the opposite side, the small side. This allows you to have more options for storing the safe under your bed. 

This safe is made tough too. It’s made from 10 gauge steel, and the recessed, small door is about as pry-proof as it gets. It uses a quick open mechanical lock system with four buttons that allow you to set your combination as you see fit. It’s quick and doesn’t rely on batteries or power. 

It’s super thin inside, so it does fit a standard shotgun better than a tactical rifle. It can store a rifle but will be tough to do with a standard capacity magazine extending from the bottom. It’s give and take but perfect for those looking for those who need an under-bed safe that opens a little easier. 

Fort Knox Shotgun Safe Pros and Cons

  • Unique opening design
  • Durable and Well Made
  • No Power Needed
  • Unlocking system isn’t illuminated

Fort Knox Shotgun Safe Deals

6. Secure It Fast Box Model 47

Secure It Fast Box Model 47

Hidden gun safe for firearms up to 46-½” in self-defense applications. Specifically made for horizontal applications and can stack on top of one another. 

Secure It Fast Specs

  • Width 9.5 inches
  • Depth 45 inches
  • Height 5 inches
  • Weight 60 pounds

Secure It Fast Box Model 47 Review

Do you want an under-bed safe that can double as a standing safe? Well, if so, the Secure It Fast Box Model 47 might be for you. This versatile design fits under the bed with ease and has no problems standing up in the closet either. If you move often, then the Secure it Fast Box Model 47 is for you. You can move it around as you see fit. 

The Fast Box is very compact and could be used to lock guns around the house. You can drop it anywhere and lock it down. That includes under your bed, in your closet, under the guest room bed, or just about anywhere. It’s super small, and when lying down, you’ll only fit a single long gun inside the safe. 

The room’s limited, but that’s the nature of the beast. Although, that gun can be decked out with accessories and goodies. The Model 47 comes with both a digital keypad and a key and lock to make it easy to secure your weapon and fast to access it. 

Secure It Fast Box Model Pros and Cons

  • Multi-use Design
  • Disguised Digital Keypad
  • It comes with a Vertical Kit to stand up two weapons
  • One gun only when lying down

Secure It Fast Box Model Deals

7. MonsterVault


Slide out drawer with digital programmable combination lock Two barrel-style keys provided Secure locking mechanism – two 1/2″ steel bolts The vault is constructed with a double wall design.

MonsterVault Specs

  • Width 48 inches
  • Depth 28 inches
  • Height 7 inches
  • Weight 140 pounds

MonsterVault Review

MonsterVault is the OG of under-bed gun safes. It’s an American-made product from a very reputable company with an established track record of well-made MonsterVault safes. It’s huge, by the way, and gives you three cubic feet of storage. You can stash multiple long guns, tons of handguns, or guns, ammo, and accessories aplenty. 

The drawer can hold 100 pounds of weight! That’s some real big guns and plenty of ammo. The double-wall design uses 16 gauge steel backed by a 12 gauge plate welded to the front of the drawer. It can take a real beating, and keep on coming back for more. 

A digital keypad makes it quick to open, and a backup barrel lock makes it simple to seal up. The unit uses batteries, and it takes four AA batteries that last over three years. Heck, an internal polypropylene layer even keeps your guns from getting scratched. 

MonsterVault Pros and Cons

  • Super well made
  • Holds up to 100 pounds in the drawer
  • Awesome backlit keypad
  • Expensive

MonsterVault Deals

Under Bed Gun Safes – Buyers Guide

Under the bed, safes are quite versatile and can be super easy to use in a variety of areas. Sure they can be shoved in a variety of different places. For one, you can shove them into the bed of a truck too. That’s more of an in-the-bed gun safe than an under-the-bed gun safe. 

These things can be super versatile. Toss them in the back of a truck and secure them to the bed. Now you have a built-in option to store your goodies when traveling. These can be super handy for traveling for training, or heck, for SHTF situations. 

Securing It 

I know we briefly mentioned bolting the safe down. That’s a must-have. If the safe doesn’t have a way to bolt it down, it better have a way to be cabled. Bolting the safe to the floor, and anchoring it, ensures thieves won’t just steal the safe itself. 

It takes time to break open a safe, but it doesn’t take much time to snatch a safe, throw it in a van, and drive away. The thief’s lair offers the thief plenty of time to get through the safe and get to your goodies. My under-the-bed gun safe weighs 140 pounds empty, but with a dolly, it’s not tough to move. 

Heck, it’s not tough to drag across the floor when you don’t care about someone’s floor. So bolt it down! Cable it to something even heavier! Don’t just trust the lock to secure your goodies. 

Lock It Up 

Speaking of locks, there are plenty of lock choices out there for securing your under-the-bed safe. Some are better than others, so let’s dive into that field and talk a little bit about locks. 

Biometric Locks 

Biometric locks are the new hotness. Everyone wants a biometric lock. A biometric lock reads a biometric, for locks, those can be fingerprints, iris scans, drops of blood, voice, you know all that. In the gun safe world, it seems to mean fingerprints exclusively. 

That sounds great. Scan your finger, and the safe opens. Simple, easy, and efficient. It could be, but most biometric locks don’t work that well. They’ve been tried over and over, but they tend to be lacking. A lot of times, they can fail to properly read your finger, requiring you to try over and over. 

The technology just isn’t there yet for these to be a reliable option for a safe aimed at defensive use. If you don’t ever need to access your under-bed safe rapidly, then a biometric can work perfectly. However, if this will hold your home defense guns, consider a different locking system. 


RFID locks have become more and more popular as of late. They provide the security of a fingerprint and the speed biometric safes promise but often fail to deliver. This battery-free, signal-based key system requires a quick scan of an RFID chip that’s programmed to the safe. 

When the chip’s scanned by the receiver in the safe, it flies open, and you can grab your gun and go. These RFID chips can be anything. Hornady, in particular, uses bracelets, keychains, cards, and chips with sticky backs to fit onto anything else. These make it easy to have a ‘key’ on you at all times. 

These are my favorite options for quick access needs. 

Numeric Combinations 

Another very popular means to quickly open a safe is quick access, a short numeric combination. A four to six-digit pin that can rapidly unlock the safe. These are very popular and very easy to use. Set your pin, type it in, and boom, you’re good to go. 

Typically you want an illuminated keypad. That way, in case things are dark, you can easily see the buttons and access them on demand. I prefer nice, big buttons for my under-the-bed safe. These can be a very rapid way to open the safe and access your firearms. 


Well, duh, traditional lock and key designs are plenty useful. Every safe I know of on the market comes with a lock and key. Biometrics, numeric codes, and RFID options all have a backup key option. Lock and key methods are as analog as it gets. 

No electricity, no batteries, nothing needed to access your safe. They do tend to be slow and require you to have the key. Although, these safes can often be a little cheaper when they are sans electronics. 

Measure Twice – Buy Once 

Oooh boy. The first under-bed gun safe I purchased was too big for my bed. I eyeballed, and a lightning deal made me click buy it now before I measured. Imagine what happened when I tried to shove it under the bed. I was frustrated, mad, and annoyed that I didn’t measure things fully. My main mistake was not factoring in the middle of the bed frame poles. 

So when you measure the bed, don’t just measure the top to bottom, width, and the basics. Don’t forget the other parts of the bed like I did. Measure exactly where to want the safe to be. Then measure it again. 

Heck, remember to account for the door opening and ensure that if there is a slide-out tray, you need to account for it as well. Returning a 140-pound gun safe isn’t cheap and isn’t quick or easy either. Be sure about where you want the safe, and be sure it will fit. 

Downsides to Underbed Safes 

Are there downsides to under-bed safes? Sure, there are a few worth mentioning. They tend to be less efficient dollar-wise when you look at the size of the safe. You can spend the same amount of money on a stand-up safe and get a larger safe overall. 

They tend to be lighter and made of a thinner gauge of steel than stand-up safes. Thinner safes offer less protection, especially in house fire situations. I actually don’t know of any under-bed safes that are fire-rated and waterproof. 

Also, it’s tougher to hide a mess under the bed when you have a safe in the way! 

Staying Safe 

Under-bed safes can be a handy and very convenient way to store your firearms. They work well for small collections or when they are aimed at home defense storage. In those roles, they tend to shine. They are very versatile, handy, and secure enough to prevent thieves and unauthorized access to your firearms. 

With their popularity rising, they’ve become extremely capable, well made, and very easy to use. They’ve become very modern and allow you to have a high-tech, home defense option in your hands. 

An under-bed safe ensures the monsters under your bed are there for your protection. 


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