Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Reloading Press Review

by Tom Moore

August 11, 2022



If you’re serious about reloading ammunition, then you need a progressive reloading press. And a great option for a progressive reloading press is the Hornady Lock-N-Load.

In this Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive reloading press review, we’ll be looking at the pros and cons, functionality, and whether this progressive reloading press is worth the investment.

So, let’s dive into the Hornady Lock N Load review below.

Hornady Lock N Load Specs

  • Capacity ~500 rounds per hour
  • Stations 5
  • Weight 29 Pounds
  • Dimensions ‎20 x 14 x 11 inches

Hornady Lock-N-Load Review

I’ve been using the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive (Lock N Load AP) reloading press for a while now and it really is another progressive reloader that I would put in my top picks. The reloading process is smooth and effective with 5 stations and an auto-indexing feature to make reloading super efficient and productive. Its EZject System ejects each cartridge to ensure that you keep production rates high. This machine can pump out up to 500 rounds per hour, and when you get into the rhythm of using this press, you’ll soon see why I think that it’s an ultra-smooth functioning progressive reloader.

A progressive reloader is excellent if you’re looking to reload a lot of ammo – now, this might not be for everyone. You might be just getting into reloading, you might be on a tight budget or you just don’t need to reload many rounds in one session, you may find that a progressive reloader might not be for you. A good starting point might be a single-stage reloading press, if this is the case I would recommend the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press and also highly recommend checking out our article on this topic here.

For a while now, the Hornady Lock N Load has been a game changer for my ammo reloading sessions. With this press, I can load ammo much faster and more efficiently than I can with a single-stage press. With 5 stations, each pull of the handle loads a new round, so I’m churning out the ammo much faster than with a traditional reloading setup.

The Hornady Lock N Load system makes it easy to change between dies while reloading. So if you’re looking to swap between different calibers, this is a great feature. This system is designed to make reloading easier, and with additional features like a case feeder and priming system, this is a precision machine.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load progressive reloading press is built like a tank, and it’s been incredibly reliable. I’ve never had a single issue with it, and it’s always performed flawlessly.

If you’re serious about reloading ammunition, then you need a progressive reloading press, and the Hornady Lock-N-Load definitely makes my list as an A+ addition to my shooting gear.

We have an article dedicated to the best progressive reloading press on the market, if this Hornady Lock-N-Load Progressive Reloading Press review didn’t hit the mark for you, be sure to check out that article as we have a comprehensive list of progressive presses that is bound to have something you like.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Pros and Cons

  • Easy set-up and use
  • 5 stations
  • Accurate powder measurement
  • Fast reloading process
  • Higher cost
  • Additional accessories require purchase
  • Lock-N-Load bushing can become unseated easily


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