5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves – A Comprehensive Review

by Dave Chesson

December 7, 2023



As an avid enthusiast of rugged outdoor activities and a firm believer in the importance of reliable gear, I’ve come to appreciate the significance of durable, versatile, and comfortable tactical gloves. The 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves fall right into this spectrum, promising a blend of robustness and practicality at an appealing price point. In this 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Glove review, I’m going to take you through the specs of these gloves and my personal experience with them. 

High abrasion synthetic suede on the palms serves as proper reinforcement to take the brunt of any task. Ring-cut microfiber strips on key fingers give you extra grip where you need it most.

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5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves Specs

  • Material Synthetic suede
  • Weight 4 oz
  • Season Winter and spring
  • Touch Screen No

Specifications of 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves 

Before delving into my personal experience with this glove, let’s touch upon their key specifications. The 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves have gained prominence in the realm of tactical gear, renowned for their robustness and versatility. Crafted by 5.11 Tactical, these gloves are all about that perfect blend of functionality and durability. They’re made for folks like law enforcement, military personnel, and us outdoor enthusiasts who need gear that can handle a beating.

Crafted from high-abrasion synthetic suede, this glove is designed to withstand the challenges of demanding tasks. The inclusion of padding on the knuckles ensures added protection without compromising on flexibility. The adjustable hook-and-loop wrist closure ensures a snug fit, complemented by features like notched gussets and a ring-cut thumb for enhanced dexterity.

5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves Features

5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves Features
1 Reinforced fingertips

While you will lose some dexterity and finger tip sensitivity, you will get great finger tip protection.

2 Hook and loop closure

The hook and loop closure offers a very secure fit.

3 Synthetic palm

The super synthetic suede palm that raps around the finger tips and reinforces the thumb to forefinger is the selling feature of these durable gloves.

4 Pull tab

The webbing pull tab doubles as a gear hanger while helping you don your gloves.

My Review of 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves 

My journey with the 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves began with high expectations because I’ve heard a lot of boasting about their durability and versatility from my buddies. To put them through their paces, I engaged in various activities ranging from construction work to bird hunting, giving these gloves a rigorous test in diverse scenarios.

The material used in crafting these gloves truly stands out. That high-abrasion synthetic suede palm? It’s like armor against wear and tear, perfect for those moments when you’re really putting your gear through the wringer. Plus, they’ve added padding on the knuckles, which shows they get the need for extra protection without limiting your movement. Even after months of heavy use, the material maintains its integrity, with only minor wear on the thumb and middle fingers. The palm’s extra grip, while slightly thick for shooting activities, offers commendable support during tasks like handling tools and rough surfaces.

The gloves provide good dexterity, enabling decent movement for most activities. However, the palm’s thickness can slightly impede finer tasks, such as precise handling of smaller objects. While the gloves excel in providing protection, they might not be the ideal choice for activities requiring utmost finesse.

Durability-wise, after a year of rigorous use across various activities, these gloves have remained resilient. Minor issues like threads pulling on the thumb don’t detract from their overall sturdiness. Their versatility across tasks, from work to riding four-wheelers and engaging in archery, makes them an asset. Moreover, being TAA compliant adds an extra layer of assurance regarding quality standards.

Regarding fit, available in multiple sizes and colors, they offer a slightly loose wear, promoting airflow without sacrificing comfort. At a price point of $25, these gloves offer incredible value for their sturdiness and multi-functionality, considering their ability to withstand a variety of tasks and outdoor conditions. Features like the hook-and-loop wrist closure and those handy webbing/pull tab hanger loops—they’re not just bells and whistles. They’re all about making these gloves more user-friendly, especially when you’re deep into shooting, doing outdoor work, or navigating tactical situations.

My experience with the 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves has been predominantly positive. From their topographical design to the padding on the knuckles, these gloves exude a sense of thoughtful craftsmanship. While they might not be the most water-resistant option, they do a commendable job in keeping moisture at bay for a considerable time.

Their versatility truly shines through–not only have they accompanied me on construction sites, but also during archery sessions and bird hunting expeditions. The gloves strike a balance between protection and breathability, which is crucial, especially during physically demanding activities.

However, there are some issues. The 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves undeniably showcase durability and resilience, yet their material choice does impact the overall shooting experience. The robustness comes at a cost—reduced sensitivity and a slightly compromised feel when handling firearms. As someone deeply engaged in shooting activities, this aspect became apparent during crucial moments, requiring swift adjustments or magazine changes.

While these gloves do offer decent dexterity, the synthetic material covering the fingertips didn’t resonate with my preference for a tactile connection with the firearm. Shifting my hands around, especially when manipulating small parts or making precise adjustments to my rifle, highlighted the slight disconnect caused by the material choice. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it did affect the fluidity of movements when engaging with the equipment.

The gloves’ overall dexterity is commendable, allowing for a range of motions, but my personal preference leans toward materials that enhance rather than detract from the tactile experience. The synthetic component, especially over the fingertips, slightly diminishes the seamless interaction with firearms, which for me, is a crucial aspect in shooting gear.

This aspect doesn’t entirely diminish their value; however, it’s a point worth considering for those who prioritize absolute sensitivity and seamless interaction when handling firearms. The choice of material over the fingertips slightly compromises the gloves’ usability for shooting activities.

5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves Pros and Cons 

  • Breathable back of hand
  • Durable gloves for work
  • Good price point
  • Low finger tip sensitivity

Report Card


The back of hand material is breathable while the synthetic suede palm protects your hand from wear and tear.


While the gloves are durable, you do lose some dexterity in the trade off.


Durability is the main selling point for these gloves.


For their durability and a relatively low price point, we give these a high value score.

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Final thoughts on 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves 

The 5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves emerge as a commendable choice for individuals seeking durable, multi-functional gloves without breaking the bank. Despite minor shortcomings in finesse-related tasks, their overall performance, durability, and reasonable price tag make them a standout option in the market. That’s why I ranked them 5th in my best shooting gloves article–you can read it here

If you’re someone who values durability and versatility over intricate maneuverability, these gloves deserve serious consideration. They’ve held their ground through various rugged pursuits, proving to be a reliable companion in demanding environments.


What materials are used in the construction of  5.11 High Abrasion TAC Gloves? 

The gloves feature synthetic suede palms, tough nylon ribspan, and synthetic leather, ensuring high abrasion resistance and durability. They incorporate leading-edge fourchettes and thumb gussets for added flexibility.

Are these gloves compliant with TAA standards? 

Yes, these gloves are TAA compliant, meeting the necessary standards and regulations for government and military use.

Are these gloves suitable for law enforcement and duty gear? 

Yes, these gloves are ideal for law enforcement and duty gear, designed with proper reinforcement, padded knuckles, and ring-cut microfiber strips for maximum movement and protection during tasks.

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