22 Rifle Scope Mounts: What to Choose?

by Ryan Cleckner

February 14, 2023



If you’re looking to mount a rifle scope on your 22 rifle, you first need to select the right scope mount.

Which scope mount is right for your 22 lr will depend on the application, what you intend to use the rifle for, and also your budget.

There’s a LOT we can cover about scope rings and mounts but I’m going to cut straight to the point and let you know, based on my experience, which scope mounts are best for each purpose.

If you’d like to learn more, please check out some of our other articles on the topic:

But, the BEST resource we have for scope rings and mounts is our Scope Ring Finder Calculator. Our scope ring finder takes the frustrations out of getting the right scope mounts: choosing the right diameter ring, ensuring the interface of the scope mount matches the base, selecting the proper height rings for your scope and rifle combination, and even finding where the right mount is in stock AND the best current price on the internet.

I’m going to break down the best 22 rifle scope mounts by the following categories:

  • Best 22 rifle scope mount for plinking
  • Best 22 scope mount for hunting
  • Best target shooting 22 scope mount
  • Best red dot mount for 22 rifles
  • Best budget 22 scope mounts for rifles

Best 22 Rifle Scope Mount for Plinking

If you use your 22 rifle for “plinking” this means that your rifle is generally “all-purpose” and is used for having fun at the range, occasional pest control, and anything else you can use a handy 22 lr rifle for.

A plinking rifle is really handy with a low power magnification rifle scope.

For that scope, I recommend a simple set of weaver rings like the Weaver Quad Lock. Please ensure that your rings are the right height and that you also have a weaver base (this is exactly why the scope ring finder tool is so handy).

Best 22 Scope Mount for Hunting

Hunting with a 22 lr rifle is not much different than plinking.

Because of this, the Warne Quad Lock rings above will work just fine.

However, if you’d like the ability to remove the scope and use backup iron sights that may be on your rifle, or if you rifle already has an integrate dovetail, I think you should check out the quick detach Warne Maxima Rings.

Best Target Shooting 22 Scope Mount

If you’re target shooting with your 22, I’m going to assume that precision and repeatability is what you’re after.

If you’re just “shooting at targets” (plinking), check out the plinking section above. This recommendation is if you’re using a serious rifle with a serious scope and looking for precision shooting.

When precision shooting, it’s hard for me not to recommend a Picatinny ring and base as they’re generally the strongest and most precise (of course, you get what you pay for and a really cheap set of Picatinny rings aren’t up to the task).

Best Red Dot Mount for 22 Rifles

If you’re putting a red dot onto a 22 rifle, there’s a good chance that it is already going to come with a mount attached to the optic and all you’ll need is the right base (the scope ring finder will help you find this)

So, instead of a rimfire mount for your red dot optic, I’m just going to recommend an optic that I think is great for 22 rifles.

Best Budget 22 Scope Mounts for Rifles

If you’re looking for a scope mount that isn’t too expensive for your rifle, I recommend the Weaver Quad Lock rings from above.

They are good enough to get you by and I’m assuming that you have a budget rifle and scope – if so, these will be perfect!

Whatever your purpose and budget, I hope that this list of scope mounts for your 22 rifle help you choose which are right for you.

And, as you can tell from above, I recommend using our scope ring finder tool to make sure that the mount you get fits your scope and rifle combination.


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