12 Upgrades for Glock Under $30

by Ryan Cleckner

June 14, 2019



Glock Pistol Popularity

The Glock pistol is one of the most popular handguns available (perhaps the most popular?) for good reason: Glocks are simple, they’re reliable, and there are a TON of options for upgrading and customizing Glocks.

In fact, the ability to “upgrade” your Glock has created its own huge market of not only parts but of groups of communities of people who love to customize and show off their unique Glock pistols.

We put “upgrade” in quotes because sometimes shooters customize their Glocks so much for better performance that they don’t work anymore (or at least reliably). Ask us how we know. ????

Customizing Your Glock

Customizing your Glock is fun and it allows you to get a truly unique firearm that performs and handles like the pistol you want to shoot.

However, there are two big problems when it comes to customizing your Glock:

  1. There are quite possibly too many options, and
  2. The cost can quickly get out of control.

We sat down to create a simple guide about easy customizations for your Glock (we wanted them to be DIY) that didn’t cost too much and we noticed that Brownells had already put together a video detailing 12 upgrades for your Glock under $30 that you can do yourself at home.

Cheap DIY Glock Upgrades

After the video, we feature each of the 12 Glock upgrades with descriptions, pictures, and links to each Glock upgrade.

12 Inexpensive DIY Glock Upgrades

#1 – Magpul Glock Magwell


Magpul is known for making innovative products. In additional to cool and useful products, Magpul makes their products VERY affordable!

A perfect example, this magwell by Magpul. Having a mag well on a pistol can really help speed up reloads and even help increase your grip by providing a small shelf for the bottom of your hand. The problem is, most other magwells are too big and too expensive… not this one!

#2 – Vickers Glock Mag Release


For some folks, the factory Glock mag release is a bit too short to effectively manipulate.

Enter the solution: this Vickers Tactical mag release manufactured by TangoDown. This is an easy upgrade for your Glock that you can do yourself – just make sure you select the mag release for your particular model of Glock as they are not all interchangeable.

If you’d like a less expensive option, the Lone Wolf Glock Mag Release is 1/4th the cost.

#3 – Ghost 3.5lb Trigger Connector


I’ve had great experiences with Ghost Connectors in my Glocks. In fact, one of my favorite for competition use includes a small tab (that must be filed to fit) to prevent any trigger overtravel.

It takes a bit of setup as you don’t want to file off too much material – so, if you go for the connector with the overtravel stop, be prepared to take it in and out about 10 times to get the precise amount of material needed for your particular Glock.

If you’re going to go this route, or if you like working on your own Glocks, save yourself the trouble and get one of these orange half-length slide back plates. They make this kind of a work a breeze and they let you see what is going on while you work on your own Glock at home.

#4 – Lightning Strike Recoil Rod


Replacing the Glock factory polymer recoil rod with a metal rod can improve longevity and add a bit of weight to the front of your Glock for better recoil control.

The Lightning Strike Recoil Rod and Spring allow the shooter to change spring weights so that you can tune the recoil of your gun to your particular loads.

#5 – Adjustable Rear Sight


One of the first things we recommend upgrading on a factory Glock are the sights. However, sights can be expensive and you may be looking for an affordable option to dial-in your Glock. Enter the adjustable rear sight from Glock.

This sight makes it easy to adjust for elevation and windage and it even comes with its own little sight adjustment tool.

#6 – Hiviz Litewave Front Sight


These inexpensive replacement front sight allows you to easily change the fiber optic elements to change colors and its design shields the fiber optic to protect it.

Combine this with the adjustable sight above for an inexpensive upgrade for your Glock. If your budget allows for more, please consider upgrading to better sights like our favorites: Trijicon HDs

#7 – Glock Tool (All in One)


You don’t really need tools to work on a Glock (other than a punch) but this all-in-one tool sure is handy.

It includes a punch, a sight tool, and a magazine basepad tool.

#8 – Magazine Tool


Ok, this is the first DIY Glock upgrade recommendation that we disagree with.

Unless you’re an armorer or spend a LOT of time taking apart a LOT of Glock magazines, this tool is not for you. Use you money on another upgrade, use it to get better sights, or use it on ammo for training!

#9 – Extended Slide Lock Lever

Sometimes the factory slide-lock lever on a Glock can be just a bit too short (especially as it gets worn and/or if your hands aren’t perfectly dry).

This is an easy part to change yourself – however, you MUST make sure that the groove is facing REARWARD so that the lip on the barrel’s locking lug interacts with the groove. This is what keeps the lever from lowering and disengaging the slide from the frame while the pistol is in battery.

Please test this – I’ve seen this problem more than once and you’re going to end up shooting your Glock slide down-range if you’re not careful.

#10 – Apex Safety Plunger


If the trigger pull on your Glock is a bit gritty or if you feel some rough resistance, take the slide off and try it again. If it is smooth with the slide off, theres a good chance that the drag you are feeling is the safety plunger in the slide. This Apex upgrade can help to solve this problem.

#11 – Talon Grips

Glocks, especially the smaller Glocks and the older models, can be a little slick. An easy upgrade is adding these Talon Grips (they offer rubberized and skateboard-tape versions).

#12 – Pachmayr Grip Glove

Another option to improve a Glock’s grip and also add some girth if you’ve got bigger hands, is the Pachmayr grip glove.

There are your 12 upgrades for a Glock under $30 that you can do yourself!

Are there any items that you’d like to see added to the list? Please add them in the comments below.


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