XS F8 Night Sights Review: Enhancing Precision and Speed

by Dave Chesson

January 9, 2024



In the realm of firearm accessories, finding a balance between speed and precision is paramount. Enter the XS F8 Night Sights, a choice that has piqued the interest of shooters seeking enhanced visibility without sacrificing accuracy. I’ve been using them for a while now, so I’ll delve into my firsthand experience to provide a comprehensive XS F8 review.

XS F8 Night Sights Specs

  • Material Metal
  • Tritium? Front and Rear
  • Sight Picture Dot over dot

Specifications and Background of XS F8 Night Sight 

Let’s take a quick look at the specs of this optic before the review. 

The XS F8 Night Sights are built tough, made from solid steel blocks that promise durability. The front sight measures about .165 inches and packs a green Tritium vial, which glows in low-light situations. Plus, there’s this orange insert around it that makes it stand out, even in bright daylight.

Their rear sight design? Wider than usual, making it easier to line up your shot in a jiffy. These sights work with various pistol models like Glocks and Sig Sauers. This is pretty neat for folks with different firearms who want the same sights on all of them. Also, they’ve got this slight overhang at the back.

For installation, it’s doable if you’ve got the right tools, like a sight pusher. But if you’re not too handy with this stuff, getting a pro to lend a hand might be a good idea. These sights are meant for both low-light and bright daylight shooting, offering visibility no matter the lighting conditions. And hey, there’s a warranty package included, typically covering you for 30 days to try them out. There is also a solid 10-year policy for peace of mind.

It also has a solid steel construction.

Now that you know the general specs of this optic, let’s jump straight into the review.

XS F8 Night Sights Features

1 Blacked out rear sight

Blacked out rear sight lets the high contrast front sight stand out.

2 Wide rear notch

Wide notch helps align and acquire sights faster

3 Bright Front Sight

High contrast front sight with tritium lamp and photoluminescent glow dot.

4 Metal construction

Made in the USA from metal construction with a figure 8 style (dot over dot) sight picture.

My Review of XS F8 Night 

Upon installation, facilitated by a sight pusher tool, the immediate appeal for me is their suitability for fast sight acquisition. These sights are a game-changer, particularly for those with eyes that struggle with traditional firearms front sight focus. The ease of acquiring targets at close ranges, coupled with decent accuracy at 50 feet, makes them a great choice for handguns. 

XS builds these sights tough. I’m talking precision-machined steel that’s sturdy as heck. It’s not just about durability; this material choice ensures these sights can handle anything you throw at them on the range.

Now, let’s talk glow power—Tritium vials are the magic here. They’re like little powerhouses, providing that self-powered glow for clear visibility in low-light situations. And during the day? Well, they’ve got this nifty orange thing around them that makes them pop, so you won’t miss ’em.

The front sight’s got a .165-inch diameter, which might sound technical, but it’s all about making it super easy to lock onto your target fast. Pair that with a wider rear notch and a big dot, and you’ve got yourself a setup that’s all about speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Oh, and did I mention one-handed operations of this F8 sight? The rear sight overhang is designed to make slide manipulations a breeze. Having that rear sight ledge means you can run that slide against many solid surfaces with way more stability than your average sights offer.

Now, onto range performance—these sights handle everything from close-range action to hitting targets 50 feet out. What stands out remarkably is the balance struck between speed and precision. The XS F8 night sight offers the speed I’ve appreciated in previous XS Big Dots, but with a heightened sense of accuracy, especially in terms of elevation. The wider rear notch and the sizable dot amplify the acquisition speed without compromising on precision—a feat I found lacking in other sight models. They’re versatile, catering to different shooting styles, which is pretty neat.

I’ve put these sights through their paces at various distances. While they’re fantastic up to around 50 feet, I did notice a slight dip in precision beyond that range. Now, I’m not looking for bullseye accuracy every time, but if you’re someone who’s really finicky about hitting the mark at extended distances, you might want to test these out to see if they fit your shooting style.

They’ve significantly contributed to improving my shooting accuracy, both in daytime and low-light situations, instilling confidence during tactical engagements. That said, there were some hiccups with these sights as well. 

But here’s the thing—I’m all about co-witnessing with my optic. These sights, while great, sat  higher than I expected. That tiny gap between the sights and the optic might not bother some, but for me, it meant a bit of a struggle to achieve that perfect co-witness sight alignment.

The size of these F8 sights is something that took a bit of getting used to for me. They’re larger than some traditional sights, which is great for quick target acquisition. However, it’s a departure from what I’m used to. It’s a personal preference thing—some might love the substantial dot and wider rear notch for that fast sight picture, but others might prefer a more streamlined or standard sight setup.

At the end of the day, sight preferences are, well, personal. What works like a dream for one shooter might not jive with another’s style. These sights are fantastic, but it’s crucial to consider your preferences and shooting habits. For me, they’re solid, but I can see how different shooters might have varying opinions based on their comfort and experience.

XS F8 Night Sights Pros and Cons 

  • Big and Bright – The large front sight is big and bright for fast sighting.
  • Wide Rear Notch – A wide rear notch will help with fast sight alignment for close range engagements.
  • Price – These sights are more expensive than other competitive sights.
  • Accuracy – At longer ranges, the wide notch can be harder to get fine sight alignment.

Report Card

Brightness and Visibility

Photoluminescent paint on front sight draws the eye in low light scenarios while the tritium lamps shine at night.


All metal construction, made in the USA, what more could you want?


The wide rear notch can help with speed, but comes at the expense of accuracy.

Daytime Performance

The large bright front sight will stand out during the day.


These sights are on the higher end of night sights.

XS F8 Night Sights Final Grade

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Final Thoughts on XS F8 Night 

While some might find them slightly tall or unconventional, my experience overwhelmingly celebrates their performance, ease of installation, and the substantial improvement they bring to shooting accuracy. That’s why I’ve ranked it in my best Glock Night Sights article–you can read it here.

In conclusion, the XS F8 Night Sights have earned a permanent place on my Glock, elevating my shooting experience to new heights. For those seeking a blend of swiftness and precision in their firearm sights, these sights are a commendable choice.

FAQs on XS F8 Night Sight

Are XS F8 Night Sights compatible with different pistol models?

Yes, these sights are compatible with various pistol models, including Glock and Sig Sauer, among others. However, specific compatibility may vary, so it’s advisable to check for your particular firearm.

Do XS F8 Night Sights work effectively in bright daylight?

Absolutely! These sights feature an orange insert around the Tritium vial, making them highly visible even in bright daylight, ensuring a standout sight picture for quick acquisition.

How durable are XS F8 Night Sights?

These sights are built tough, featuring a solid steel construction and tritium illumination, ensuring durability and consistent performance even in demanding shooting scenarios.


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