Thyrm and Surefire Fury Review

by Tom Moore

June 21, 2022



The Thyrm and Surefire Fury is a little different to your regular pistol light. This is a combination light that consists of a handheld Surefire Fury and a specific Thyrm attachment to keep it in place on your firearm.

Thyrm and Surefire Fury Specs

  • Output 1500 lumens
  • Candela 25,200 candela
  • Runtime 1.5 hours
  • Weight 6.5 ounces
  • Length 5.6’’

Thyrm and Surefire Fury Review

So why would you opt for something of this nature? Why not grab one of the other great pistol lights or weapon-mounted lights that we’ve reviewed for you here

As you might know, if you own something like a pocket 380 ACP or a Glock 43, there is limited room when it comes to mounting a light. Enter: Thyrm Switchback device.

The Thyrm Switchback is a neat little attachment that holds the Surefire. This allows you to grip your gun and operate the handheld light without any compromise.

The SureFire Fury on its own will blow you away with a stunning 1500 lumens and over 25000 candela. The power of this light is not to be underestimated and start to finish will last you 90 minutes. You’ve also got the choice of rechargeable batteries or standard CR123A batteries.

The combination of the Fury and the Thyrm gives you visual capabilities you might otherwise never have been able to take advantage of on firearms that weren’t built with pistol lights in mind. This is a great solution for said pistols and comes highly recommended if you’re in that unique position.

Something else I love is that this option means that no one gets left behind. It doesn’t matter what handgun you have, there will be a way to use this pistol light with it. 

Thyrm and Surefire Fury Pros and Cons

  • Perfect for non railed guns
  • No special holster needed
  • 1,500 Lumens!
  • One-handed use isn’t an option

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Thyrm and Surefire Fury FAQs

What is a tactical ring on a flashlight?

The SwitchBack Flashlight Ring mounts between the tailcap and body of your flashlight, making it secure regardless of impact, moisture, and heat/cold changes.


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