Spiritus Systems LV-119 Review: Ultimate Modular Plate Carrier?

by Dave Chesson

October 5, 2023



I’ve had the privilege of using the Spiritus Systems LV-119 Overt Plate Carrier extensively, and I’m excited to share my first-hand experience with this highly modular and customizable piece of tactical gear. Spiritus Systems is a company founded by former soldiers and their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the LV-119 plate carrier.

A modular plate carrier system that you buy in sections to get it exactly as you want it.

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Background of the Spiritus Systems LV-119

Spiritus Systems is a company founded by former soldiers Zane Vogel and Adam Holrod, and their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the LV-119 plate carrier. The Spiritus Systems LV-119 is designed to be versatile, catering to a wide range of users from professionals to those engaging in recreational activities like LARPing. It’s a plate carrier that stands out in terms of modularity and flexibility, and it continues to evolve with Spiritus Systems’ ever-expanding product line.

Spiritus Systems LV-119 Features

Spiritus Systems LV-119 Features
1 LV-119 System

This plate carrier is a  cohesive system that includes products that work together and allows users to mix and match to meet their needs.

2 Placard and Chest Rig Integration

Removable buckles allow placard and chest rig integration.

3 Cable Routing

Push to talk loop and communication cable routing to accommodate radios and other communication devices.

4 Armor Plate Fit

Plate bags are designed to fit SAPI plates and plates with maximum thickness of 1.20 inches.

5 Zip on rear accessories

Zipper sections on rear plate bag allows the use of zip on packs and pouches.

Models and Variations

The LV-119 is a plate carrier system that you piece together when you purchase. You can buy front and back panels along with various cummerbunds and other accessories. The plate bags come in three different sizes and 9 color options.

My Review of the Spiritus Systems LV-119 Plate Carrier

One of the standout features of the LV-119 is its thoughtful design. Unlike some other plate carriers, the shoulder attachment design is exceptionally secure. The fabric extends from the plate bag into the shoulder attachment point, ensuring a stable and snug fit. This might seem like a small detail, but it can make a significant difference, especially when managing cables and wires.

Speaking of cable management, the LV-119 makes it convenient with insertion points at both shoulders. This allows you to run wires underneath the shoulder straps and through the plate bags, simplifying cable management for various attachments and accessories.

The front panel of the LV-119 boasts a versatile six by three-inch Velcro loop area, perfect for attaching ID panels, IR marking devices, patches, or other accessories. Nexus buckles below the Velcro field make integrating chest rigs or different placard setups a breeze. This adaptability is a big plus, whether you’re gearing up for high-speed operations or more discreet missions.

The LV-119 is designed to accept SAPI and ESAPI plates, ensuring a good fit and protection level for various users. While it feels standard for a minimalist plate carrier when shouldering a rifle, it does its job well. The rear of the plate carrier is smooth, with covered bungees, reducing the risk of snag hazards.

Customization is where the LV-119 truly shines. It offers a wealth of options for tailoring your gear to your specific needs and preferences. The cummerbund setup is user-scalable, allowing you to configure it according to your loadout requirements. I personally use the skeletal system with three bands to carry additional magazines, but the possibilities are virtually endless.

The inclusion of the Microfight 5 placard enhances customization further. It comes with different inserts, making it easy to carry various types of magazines and gear tailored to specific missions. Push-to-talk loops on both sides of the plate carrier accommodate different radio setups, improving communication in the field.

The LV-119’s adaptability extends to its back panel as well. The Assaulter Back Panel is modular and expandable, offering secure storage for tools and gear. Color-coded pouches and full-length zippers enhance convenience and organization. This level of customization ensures that the LV-119 can adapt to different scenarios, from high-speed operations to low-profile setups.

In terms of pricing, the LV-119 offers competitive options. The plate bags, cummerbunds, and placards are reasonably priced, allowing you to build your ideal setup without breaking the bank. The complete package for a medium-sized carrier is priced competitively, considering the level of customization and quality you receive.


In conclusion, the Spiritus Systems LV-119 Overt Plate Carrier offers an exceptional balance of design, protection, customization, and price, making it a top contender in the plate carrier market. Its modular nature ensures that it can evolve with your needs, and while it may have a few minor drawbacks, the overall package is highly impressive. For those who demand versatility and adaptability in their gear, the LV-119 is a standout choice. If you’re in the market for a highly customizable plate carrier that can adapt to your current needs and future loadouts, the LV-119 is certainly worth considering. The LV-119 did make our list of the best plate carriers for its scalability and modularity.

Spiritus Systems LV-119 Pros and Cons

  • Exceptional customization options.
  • Secure and thoughtful design.
  • Versatile and adaptable for various missions.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Limited thermal regulation solutions, which may require additional modifications.
  • Relatively heavier when wet compared to some alternatives.

Report Card


The LV-119 is well thought out with good shoulder straps that have good cable management.


This plate carrier can accommodate SAPI and ESAPI plates along with side armor.


Customization is the name of the game for the LV-119. You piece together the plate carrier when you buy it to get exactly what you need.


The price is on the higher end, but competitive with other top options.

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Is the LV-119 compatible with other Spiritus Systems products?

Yes, the LV-119 is designed to be compatible with other Spiritus Systems products, allowing you to create a cohesive system that meets your specific requirements.

Can I use thicker plates with the LV-119?

The LV-119 is compatible with SAPI and ESAPI plates, and while it can accommodate a range of plate thicknesses, it’s essential to ensure that your plates fit correctly within the carrier for optimal protection and comfort.

Are there any additional components or accessories I should consider for my LV-119 setup?

Spiritus Systems offers a variety of optional accessories and add-ons, such as pouches, administrative pouches, and frag grenade pouches, to further customize your LV-119 plate carrier to suit your needs.

How is Spiritus Systems’ customer service?

Based on my experience and feedback from other users, Spiritus Systems’ customer service is known for being responsive and helpful, ensuring that customers receive the support they need when it comes to their gear.

Can I use the LV-119 for high-profile operations?

Yes, the LV-119’s adaptability and customization options make it suitable for high-profile operations, allowing you to tailor your gear to the specific requirements of your mission.


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