PSA AK-V 9mm Review: Range Report

by Travis Pike

February 9, 2023



PSA has brought us an AK PCC at a downright scary affordable price point. The PSA AK-V offers us a very economical 9mm AK platform, but does it hold up to scrutiny? Find out in Gun University’s PSA AK-V review.

PSA AR-V Specs

  • Caliber 9mm
  • Overall length 27″
  • Barrel length 10.5″
  • Rifling 1:10″
  • Weight 7lbs 4 oz
  • Muzzle device 2 Port “Tanker Style” brake

PSA AK-V Background

AKs in 9mm is nothing new. The AK design is much like the AR design in that it can adapt to numerous calibers and configurations. The Russians first produced a 9mm SMG in the form of the Bizon in the mid-90s and, in 2008, adopted the more traditional PP-19 Vityaz. AK fans in the United States understandably wanted something similar, but the market remained dry for quite some time.

Only recently has any form of AK PCC or subgun hit the American market, and PSA is leading the way with the AK-V. Much like its Russian counterparts, the PSA AK-V is a blowback-operated weapon that is only similar to an AK in its ergonomic layout. The AK-V’s simple design and PSA mass market appeal lead to this being far and away the most featured filled AK PCC and one of the most affordable.

PSA AK-V muzzle brake

The AK-V comes in a wide variety of configurations, including braced pistols and complete rifles. This is a braced pistol variant, but even that isn’t the whole story. Due to the great variety of different models, it’s best to be specific.

This AK-V has a Magpul MOE forend and pistol grip.

This gun features the folding triangle brace and Magpul MOE forend and pistol grip. PSA makes seemingly dozens of configurations of this gun, so specificity is required.

PSA made a smart move and utilized the CZ Scorpion pattern magazines. This is smart for a few reasons. One, they are reliable PCC magazines that are proven and flush in the market. Second, and more importantly, they are curved and give you that distinct AK-like appearance. Looks are half the battle, right? PSA also produces its own version, which holds 35 rounds of 9mm.

Overall the AK-V appears to be an impressive package.

That’s what she said.

PSA AK-V Features

1 Hinged dust cover

You have to put that optic somewhere!

2 Tanker muzzle brake

2-pot muzzle brake to control the already mild recoil.

3 Folding triangle brace

This is what’s on my PCC and I like it – your mileage may vary, but I’m a fan of the pseudo-classic look.

4 Magpul furniture

Good accessories put you a step ahead on value, form, and function.

5 Picatinny stock/brace adapter

Allows you to swap ends around.

PSA AK-V Models and Colors

The AKV 9mm is available in MOE, Classic, and ALG models, with further distinctions and features to provide additional variety.

PSA AK-V Review – Our Take

Taking it for a spin.

Let’s talk about accuracy first. AKs are not 1 MOA weapons, and PCCs aren’t exceptionally accurate either. Still, I figured we could ring some decent accuracy out of this gun. It does have the AK’s short sight radius, and it’s even shorter than average with the 10.5-inch barrel. The short-sight radius doesn’t help, and the trigger isn’t fantastic.

Palmetto State Armory AK-V pistol caliber carbine.

It’s not bad, but there is a fair bit of travel and a forceful reset. I’ve handled a lot of AKs, and there are certainly worse AK triggers out there. At 50 yards, I could produce groups of just under three inches which varied depending on the ammo. That’s standard for a 9mm carbine. At 25 yards, I’m keeping my groups inside the T-Zone of a target, and ultimately, that’s what matters with a gun like this.

Like any AK platform, it will be somewhat challenged ergonomically. It’s a gun designed in the 40s. What do you expect? You won’t get any ambidexterity or fancy features. Although for an AK, PSA did a great job. The AK has a thumb shelf to make manipulating the safety easy. The Magpul pistol grip is a nice touch, and the brace is fantastic.

PSA’s use of Scorpion magazines was also an excellent choice. The mag release is AK-like and ambidextrous. On top of that, the magazine goes straight in. No rocking motion is required. The gun also has a last-round bolt hold open, a rarity on AK firearms. This all makes the firearm very easy to reload and gives it a step above the normal AK in ergonomics.

The MOE forend is absolutely fantastic. It’s textured nicely, has a slight forward and rear hand stop, and obviously offers M-LOK compatibility.

Blasting off

I used a mixed bag of ammunition. This includes brass cased 115 grain; steel cased 115 grain, and some 124-grain JHPs and hefty 147-grain JHPs. The gun didn’t seem to mind any of the rounds I put through it. It ate ’em up and spat ’em out without complaint. The mags worked well and are very similar in construction to the factory CZ mags.

I used the factory mag as well as the Magpul P-MAGs and CZ factory mags. They all worked without complaint. The gun didn’t mind, and I’m curious about the PSA drum for these guns now.

I absolutely love shooting this gun. The straight blowback design should be less friendly, but it’s surprisingly soft recoiling. That’s likely due to the big break at the end of the gun that is a bit obnoxious for a 9mm, but excellent all around. The gun barely moves between shots and is very easy to hold onto.

PSA AK-V top rail for optics etc.

Watching that front sight barely move between shots is entertaining. That little extra weight does a great job of reducing recoil and keeping the gun plenty controllable and fun to shoot. Some blowback guns are a harsh mistress but not the AK-V.

How much value does the gun offer? It’s not the cheapest PCC or subgun and does rise into that CZ price point, but it doesn’t touch the level of other premium options like SIG and CMMG. Some value is certainly added by the addition of a 150-dollar brace, as well as Magpul furniture. Plus, you are getting very affordable and common magazines.

AK-V ejection port and charging handle.

PSA AK-V: Pros and Cons

  • Fast blaster- Low recoil makes it easy to control
  • Hell yeah- This thing is tons of fun to shoot
  • Kinda comfy – Good ergonomics (for an AK)
  • Weighty- It’s heavy compared to other PCCs
  • PCC Pistol- Recent laws may turn what was a pro to a con

To me, this gun is an A+ because it’s a 9mm AK, and I have wanted one for so long. It’s absolutely the best 9mm AK on the market. However, I have to be objective, and it still some AK issues, namely ergonomics.

If you want an AK and can accept the AK for its flaws, then the AK-V is outstanding. If you want a good all-around PCC with more modern features, then check out the PSA AR-V. Similar but AR-like. See if either of these made our list of best Pistol Caliber Carbines.

Report Card


The gun is soft recoiling and fun to shoot. It’s not a handful, and that extra weight and brake really cut recoil.


The AK-V shoots whatever you put through it. It may ditch the long-stroke gas piston, but it’s still as reliable as an AK should be.


AK ergonomics are never great, but PSA made a number of smart decisions to push the AK-V ahead of the average AK.


It’s average at best. The short sight radius does it no favors, and a good red dot would help a bit to trim the fat off my groups.


Is it a cheap PCC? No, not by a bit, but it’s still below the premium price options. Plus, it comes feature-filled, and that’s nice to see.


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PSA’s PX9 Pistol Caliber Carbine Gun Deals

Preferred PSA AK-V Ammo 

Pretty much any 9x19mm ammunition will run in this, steel-cased or not.

Some kinds to consider include:

Range Rounds


MagTech 9mm 115 GR FMJ Ammo

Cost Per Round
Natchez Shooter’s Supply $0.24
Palmetto State Armory $0.34

Self Defense Ammunition

Box of Hornady 9mm pistol ammunition

Hornady Critical Defense 115 GR

Cost Per Round
Cabela’s $1.24
Midway USA $1.24

Range/Target Shooting

Winchester FMJ 9mm 115gr

Winchester 115gr FMJ

Gun.Deals $varies
Optics Planet $.40

Range/Training Ammo

Rainier Arms remanufactured 9mm ammunition

Rainier Munitions Remanufactured

Rainier Arms $.39

Targets? Targets!

If you’re going to shoot, you’ll need some targets. We have ’em for you. You’re welcome.

AK-V PCC Accessories 

Whether you’re an AR or an AK fan, you can’t deny that both platforms have the near-endless potential for individualization. The AK-V is no different.

Some customization options are:

Vickers AK Sling
  • Classic Blue Force Gear AK47 sling from LAV
  • Quickly adjustable
  • AK-47, AK-74, or other AKM Style Rifles
  • 1.25” sling webbing
Check price
GAT Monkey Red Dawn Camo Sling
  • Everything COMBLOC goes better with a Red Dawn movie reference
  • This camo pattern is as unusual as it is iconic
  • Every long gun should have a sling. Period.
Check price
OneTigris SMG Mag Pouch Placard
  • Modular manner for more mags
  • 5000D Nylon
  • Hook face with UTX Duraflex 1″ buckles
  • Drain grommets at the bottom
Check price
Magpul D-50 Scorpion Drum Mag
  • 50-round capacity
  • Lightweight, next-gen polymer construction
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Injection-molded polymer follower
  • Translucent witness window
Check price
Surefire M640U Scout Light Pro
  • Proven WML option
  • 1000 Lumen Ultra Hight Output LED
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish, and O-ring sealed to keep out the elements.
Check price
Streamlight ProTac HL-X Rechargeable Long Gun Light
  • Less expensive WML option
  • Up to 22-hour battery life
  • TEN-TAP Programming
  • Includes 2 switch controls (single button & remote pressure switch)
  • Dual fuel capable
  • Includes USB-rechargeable battery pack with charging cord
Check price
SIG Romeo5
  • Good budget RDS option
  • 2 MOA Red-Dot
  • Motion Activated Illumination
  • Integrated M1913 Picatinny interface
Check price
Aimpoint CompM5b
  • Excellent (higher end) WML option
  • Quickly adjust the reticle in accordance with projectile ballistics and distance to target
  • Wind compensation adjustment in 3 levels
  • Compatible with the Aimpoint 3X & 6XMag-1 magnifiers
On Amazon
Paragon Optic Cleaning Lens Cleaner
  • Clean your optics and weapon light lens
  • 5ml Weapon Light Cleaner
  • 10ml Optic Lens Cleaner
  • Micro Fiber Cloth
Check price
The first half of
  • Proper eye protection is critical and should always be worn
  • Ballistic rated, not just sunglasses
Compare top eyepro
The second half of
  • Ear protection is also critical. Protect your hearing!
  • Many styles (some stackable) are available
Compare best earpro
Appropriate cleaning kit
  • For cleaning, care, and maintenance
  • Not all kits are created equal
Compare top kits
Dark Angel D.A.R.K. Trauma Kit
  • You should always have medical gear when shooting (any gun)
  • External Tourniquet for easy access
  • Pull handle for rapid deployment
  • Vacuumed sealed insert to keep your contents protected
  • Kit content scalability
Check price

More About Your AK-V

Need a guide to breaking down and cleaning up your AK-V? Here ya go.

For more info regarding your AK9 (and some ways to train), check out the following resources.

PSA AK-V mag release


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