Mossberg makes handguns now?  Yes!

Well, more accurately, Mossberg is making handguns again (more on that below).

For now, we’d like to annouce their newest handgun: a semi-automatic polymer striker fired pistol called the MC1sc. Mossberg seems to have released the MC1sc right… it’s already available in 5 different models and it appears that accessories are already ready.


Mossberg MC1sc

$425 MSRP



Final Grade:

Mossberg Pistol Background

Until this new MC1SC pistol from Mossberg, their latest pistol offering was in 1932! This prior handgun, a pepperbox deringer-style handgun with 4 barrels and chambered in 22 lr, was called the Mossberg Brownie.

The $100 year old Mossberg Brownie goes for about 5 times more than the new MC1sc – we found an auction listing for this nickel-plated Brownie valued at around $2,000.

The old pepperbox isn’t really practical today. This newest Mossberg handgun, the MC1sc, almost a hundred years after the last, is a much more practical handgun and it is an exciting (and completley unexpected) move in our industry.

Although a polymer striker fired handgun isn’t exactly novel, it’s pretty cool that Mossberg went after it. Let’s see if their shift from long guns to a hand gun goes better than Remington’s attempt (hint: it was about as good as Taco Bell coming out with Hamburgers).



Mossberg MC1sc Features


Flat Trigger w/ Blade Safety

The MC1sc has an aggressive trigger design – we didn’t expect this from Mossberg. It is debatable whether a flat or curved trigger shoe is “better.” Honestly, it is a personal preference. However such a “cool” trigger design is usually available only as an aftermarket upgrade part. 


"Safe Takedown System"

Mossberg is very proud of the MC1sc’s “safe” method of takedown. They explain that, although it has a similar striker design to a Glock, unlike a Glock, the trigger doesn’t need to be pulled prior to disassembly.


Unique Magazine Design

Mossberg thought outside the box with their magazine (good on them!). First, they made a clear magazine so that it is easy to see the magazine’s capacity/condition. Second, they made the magazine compatible with Glock 43 magazines! More manufacturers should consider these things.

A. Safe Takedown System ensures no trigger pull required during disassembly.

B. Mossberg signature multi-angle slide serrations for positive slide manipulation.

C. Standard snag-free dovetail white three-dot sights for easier target acquisition, windage adjustment, and after-market customization.

D. Stainless steel slide with upgraded Diamond-Like Carbon Coating.

E. 3.4″ barrel with upgraded Diamond-Like Carbon Coating.

F. Extended trigger guard for easy access.

G. Mossberg flat-profile trigger with integrated blade safety.

H. Reversible magazine release.

I. Aggressive signature Mossberg grip texturing.

J. Palm swell and grip angle provide superior ergonomics.

K. Glass-reinforced polymer frame for enhanced durability.

L. Mossberg Clear-Count™ polymer 6-round flush-fit and 7-round extended magazines offer low friction and high wear-resistance.

Mossberg MC1sc Review – Our Take




Honestly, we haven’t had our hands on a Mossberg MC1 sc pistol yet. So, join our newsletter and stay tuned!

 However, there are a few things we can discuss now…

First, Mossberg is late to the game in the polymer, striker fired, compact/concealed carry pistol market.

 There are well established brands the dominate this space: Glock, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, FN, Beretta, H&K, Ruger, SCCY, Kahr, etc.  This means a couple things:

  1. The market is FLOODED with product and marketing, and
  2. These other established comapnies have a lot more experience with these products. 

Of course, this isn’t to say that Mossberg can’t be sucsessful here. In fact we hope they do. However, if Glock came out with a pump-action shotgun, they’d have an uphill battle to compete with Mossberg regardless of how well Glock can make pistols.

Second, the design doesn’t appear to be revolutionary nor innovative. That’s not exactly fair. Let me explain.

The MC1sc from Mossberg doesn’t offer anything fundamentally different from other similar handguns and, in fact, is a bit behind on size for capacity (see Sig’s P365).

This MC1sc is on par with and good competition as an alternative to the Glock 43. However, with Glock’s newest G43x and Sig’s P365 from last year, this configuration (size and weight for 6 rounds) leaves something to be desired.



Here’s what we’re hoping: that Mossberg takes its repuation for quality and reliable, although budget and sometimes “no-frills,” firearms and applies it to this new MC1sc.

 In our book, Mossberg firearms have never been the nicest nor the prettiest, however they usually represent a good value and they have their eye on quality control (which is very rare these days).

The magazines are just awesome! We’re really proud of Mossberg here. So many companies have a propritety size to their parts simple because they want to be different. Mossberg designed the MC1sc to accept Glock 43 magazines! (a clear nod to this pistol’s intended competition).

Also, the magazines are clear. In this day and age, I don’t know why more manufacturers don’t do this. I’m very excited to try them out and see how they work and hold-up.

The striker looks very Glock-like but it takes down (disassembles) without needing to pull the trigger. This is advertised as a safety feature, and I’m sure it is, but we’re not sure it’s necessary. If you’re going to be unsafe with a gun, then you’re going to be unsafe…regardless of how the pistol was designed.

The MC1sc doesn’t appear to have an external safety (other than the safety on the trigger). However, they have also released a model with a cross-bolt safety (something VERY unique for a handgun). We’re interested to see how practical this is to use and how mechanically sound it is (it might be physcially a better block?).




Other advertized features include the textured grip and “snag-free” sights. Also, from their marketing photos, it appears that they’ll be offering a holster for the MC1sc very soon.

We’re excited to test the MC1 out! Check out the 5 models below.

Also, we’re guessing that the “sc” in the MC1sc pistol’s name stands for “sub-compact” – this may mean that we can expect larger versions of the MC1 pistol from Mossberg.

Mossberg MC1 Pros and Cons


Clear magazines


“Safe” Takedown


Straight Trigger?


Low capacity for size


Not the prettiest


Little experience by manufacturer in this space

Report Card

Reliability Unknown. 


Accuracy Unknown. 


Customization Appears fairly limited. Other than a proprietary laser and aftermrket sights, there don’t seem to be any modifications available to this pistol 


Value Unkown. 


Final Grade:

MC1sc Specifications

  1. Length: 6.25″
  2. Height: 4.30″
  3. Width: 1.03″
  4. Weight: 19oz (unloaded) 22oz (loaded)
  5. Barrel Length: 3.4″
  6. Sight Radius: 5.4″

Mossberg MC1 Models


MC1sc Cross-Bolt Safety


MC1sc Centennial

MC1sc TruGlo Tritium Pro