Padded Magic Carpet Shooting Mat Review: Lightweight and Practical

by Tom Moore

July 29, 2022



If you’re in the market for a shooting mat and comfort is a priority, the Padded Magic Carpet by Eberlestock is definitely worth checking out.

This shooting mat is comfortable, well-made, and a great tool to have while you work on improving your shooting accuracy.

In this review we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of this mat and if it’s worth adding to your shooting gear.

Padded Magic Carpet Specs

  • Dimensions 96 inches x 34 inches
  • Weight 3 lbs
  • Color Tan

Magic Carpet Shooting Mat Review

One of the best things that I like about the Padded Magic Carpet is how comfortable it is. Having the option to get into a comfortable shooting position is important to me especially if I’m planning to spend a long time at the range. The padding really makes a difference to your comfort when you’re shooting, and it’s also nice to have if you ever need to take a break and sit down. The mat is also big enough that you can move around on it without feeling cramped.

The Magic Carpet is made of durable materials and is padded for added comfort. It’s well priced and I feel that it’s worth the investment and should be part of your shooting gear setup.

The Padded Magic Carpet is also great for shooting in different positions. Whether you’re shooting prone, sitting, or standing, the mat provides a stable surface that will help you stay on target.

To use the Padded Magic Carpet shooting mat, simply hold the end, toss it out and the weighted end helps unroll it out and away you go, drop it on the ground, and away you go. The mat is large enough to accommodate most shooters, and the padding will help protect you from the hard ground.

It can be rolled up quite small which makes it great to hang off the side of my shooting bag. This is something that I do when I’m packing to go hunting – when I’m trying to keep everything together and lightweight.

When I’m done shooting, rolling this mat up and simple and easy.

The magic carpet shooting mat made the cut of our pick of the Best Shooting Mats list for its durability and affordability. Be sure to check out our article on the Best Shooting Mats here to see what else has made the cut.

Magic Carpet Shooting Mat Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable shooting position
  • Heavy Duty
  • A bit thin compared to other mats
Magic Carpet Shooting Mat

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