Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod Review: Plug It In!

by Tom Moore

August 1, 2022



The lockdown dehumidifier rod is another great gun-safe dehumidifier option. It’s easy to use and gets the job done when it comes to keeping my guns free from rust.

Check out my overview of this dehumidifier rod below. Also, to find out which dehumidifying solution is our pick for the best gun-safe dehumidifier, click here!

Lockdown Rod Specs

  • Dehumidifier Type Electric
  • Cubic Ft Efficiency 100-200 cubic feet
  • Length 12″, 18″, 24″, 36″
  • Weight 0.5 lbs

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod Review

The only downside to the lockdown dehumidifier rod in my opinion is that I don’t feel that it’s as good at bringing down the relative humidity as effectively or quickly as the Golden Rod dehumidifier. The Golden Rod Gun Safe Dehumidifier is my favorite option when talking about gun-safe accessories, but in saying that, if you’re not in and out of your safe a lot, or you don’t live in a high humidity area, then this probably won’t be an issue for you and the lockdown dehumidifier rod is a great option and does work well.

This dehumidifier doesn’t take out the moisture of your safe, but slightly increases the temperature around the rod which in turn moves the relative humidity of the safe into a zone that better suits your firearms. I find that somewhere around 45% – 55% relative humidity is a good zone for my gun safe. If the safe is too dry then you might find that the timber stocks on your rifles may crack, and if it’s too humid, you’re increasing the risk of rust.

A great tool as an optional upgrade would be to invest in a digital hydrometer, this will allow you to measure your humidity levels. You can also pick up wireless options as well which gives you the option to have a sensor in the safe and to be able to monitor the system remotely.

This next point wasn’t an issue for me, and I wouldn’t say it is a con, but another downside for some might be the issue of plugging the lockdown dehumidifier into a power outlet. You may have a safe with an outlet already inside, but for me, I had to drill a hole in the back of the safe and run the cable into the safe. This wasn’t a bit task, but it might be an issue or concern for you. The lead allowed me to disconnect the plug, run the cable through a small hole, and then refit the socket plug I was off and rolling.

For anyone not wanting an electric dehumidifier option as you might not have the access to a power outlet, there are many great desiccant dehumidifier options in our best dehumidifier list.

The lockdown dehumidifier rod is also available in 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch versions which allows your purchase to be versatile to suit almost any situation whether you’re trying to control the humidity in a gun safe or another humidity-controlled cabinet.

In my opinion, this is a good option, and it’s worth the price tag as it’s priced at a super affordable price point.

Overall, I’m very happy with the lockdown dehumidifier rod and would recommend it as another great option for anyone in the market for a gun-safe dehumidifier.

The lockdown dehumidifier rod made our list of the best gun-safe dehumidifiers, to see what else made the list, be sure to check out our Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers article here!

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod Pros and Cons

  • 4 available sizes
  • 12 Watts
  • Stand Legs Included
  • Hot to the Touch
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