CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope review: A reliable sharpshooter

by Dave Chesson

February 8, 2024



As a crossbow enthusiast, I like to try many crossbow scopes. I was looking for a budget scope for my hunts that’s durable and performs decently in the field. After doing some research, I decided to try out the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 scope. In this CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope review, I’ll share my experience with its performance and whether it’s worth the price.

A dedicated crossbow scope with 1.5-5x magnification and a reticle system from 20-100 yards based on speeds from 300-450fps.

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CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Specs

  • Magnification 1.5-5x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 32 mm
  • Field of View 1.5x: 81.2 ft @ 100 yds / 5x: 24.4 ft @ 100 yds
  • Eye Relief 4.3-4.9 in

Specifications and Background of the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope

CVLIFE is a company that’s been providing affordable, high-quality hunting and shooting gear since 2005. They offer a wide range of hunting and shooting accessories, including rifle scopes, crossbow scopes, red dot sights, laser sight, rifle slings, and more. Having used CVLIFE products for over a decade, I love how they offer quality optics at an affordable price, making them accessible to everyone.

Alright, now let’s talk about the specifications of the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope.
The scope has several view options. It has fully multi coated lenses with a magnification range of 1.5x to 5x and an adjustable speed ring from 300 to 460 fps for accurate reticle calibration. It’s got a 32mm objective diameter and a 5-inch eye relief. The CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 is a lightweight scope, almost a pound, and is just over 8 inches in length. The reticle is illuminated with dual light illumination, which offers 5 levels of both red and green for low light conditions and precision. It’s built from classic aviation aluminum, plus, it’s nitrogen-filled and has an IPX waterproof design, so it’s fog proof and shock-resistant. 

The CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Crossbow scope comes with a bunch of included components with it. You get scope rings for mounting it to your crossbow, CR2032 batteries for the illuminated reticle, a lens cover, and flip caps for added protection. It also comes with an instructions manual.

CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Features

CVLIFE 1.5-5x32 Features
1 Magnification

1.5-5x magnification that also allows you zoom in on your target for pin point accuracy.

2 Scope Mounts

Scope mounts come with this optic, so you are ready to get the scope mounted to your crossbow fast.

3 Reticle

The reticle has built in bolt drop based on your crossbow speed that you set using the magnification dial.

Review of the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope

The design of the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope really impressed me. I like how the scope rings were paired with the classic aviation aluminum construction. The scope was sleek and felt light, reducing the weight I had to carry with my crossbow during long hours in the field. Adjusting the diopter and reticle was easy and l don’t think even beginners will have an issue with it. 

I was out hunting deer the other day and the optical clarity was fantastic. The fully multi coated lenses added to the clarity of this scope. It didn’t matter whether I was hunting at dawn, dusk, or in the bright midday sun, this scope gave me a bright view of my targets. The CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 also gave me a minimal glare during midday, which relieved my eyes.

The magnification on the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope was excellent. I initially set it at 1.5x and then I decided to crank it up to 5x. The clear and crisp images impressed me given its price point. Using this scope, I could easily spot targets from 20 to 100 yards away.

Once I got my CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope mounted, I could tell it was a reliable choice. Installing it was simple. I just had to lock it in with four Allen screws on my crossbow. The process took me about seven minutes, and it stayed rock-solid on target during all my hunts, proving its reliability.

The first shot with the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope felt spot-on, and it kept delivering. Shot after shot, it zeroed without any issue.

The illuminated reticle of the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 was a game-changer, especially in low light conditions. It’s got this cool feature of dual light illumination with five levels of both red and green, which helped take accurate shots at my targets during my dusk hunts.

What I found really handy was the green illuminated scope. It made a huge difference in different light conditions. Plus, the scope had different aiming points, which was great for taking ethical shots at different distances.

Another cool feature of this scope is that you can pick your crossbow speed to adjust for the drop of the bolt and get it just right. The zoom ring also lets you choose the speed of your bolt, anywhere from 300 FPS to 460 FPS. It’s a neat feature for a budget crossbow scope.

Speaking of drawbacks, the eye relief is a bit short. You’ll need to bring the scope closer to your eye, and it’s not the most reliable for mid or long-range shots. But it’s still good for its price. Also, the two 30mm mounting rings that come along with the scope should be replaced. They are not  that great.

CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Pros and Cons 

  • Affordable
  • Comes with scope rings
  • Bolt drop reticle
  • Eye relief is not the best

Report Card


We did not like the included scope rings, but they did seem to hold zero fine.


Good glass quality for this price point.


The bolt drop in the reticle is nice once you get the scope adjusted for the speed.


Decent ergonomics. The weight wont tire you out from carrying around while hunting.


At less than $100, this a high value scope.

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Final Thoughts on CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope

To sum it up, the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope really impressed me. This scope is reliable and delivers excellent performance for its price compared to others on the market. That’s why I have ranked it as the best value scope in my best crossbow scopes article. If you’re looking for a crossbow scope that’s easy on the wallet but is durable and performs well, then the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 is definitely worth considering.

FAQs on CVLIFE 1.5-5×32

Can the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope adjust for different crossbow speeds?

Yes, the scope has a unique feature where you can choose the speed of your bolt, ranging from 300 FPS to 460FPS. This adjustment helps in compensating for the drop of the bolt.

How well does the magnification perform on the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope?

With a magnification range of 1.5x to 5x, the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope provides clear and detailed images. This allows you to spot targets precisely, even at distances between 20 and 100 yards.

How is the optical clarity of the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope in different lighting conditions?

The CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope will give you sharp and bright images in various lighting conditions. The fully multi-coated lenses contribute to optical clarity, giving you a bright view of targets during dawn, dusk, and bright midday sun.

Can the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope withstand heavy rain?

Yes, the CVLIFE 1.5-5×32 crossbow scope has an IPX6 waterproof rating. This means it can withstand heavy splashing and rain, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. However, it’s not designed to be fully submerged in water.


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