Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope Review: A Game-Changer for Crossbow Enthusiasts

by Dave Chesson

February 6, 2024



Being a crossbow hunter for over 15 years, I must say the right crossbow scope can make or break your hunt. The Burris Oracle X rangefinder crossbow scope is a scope and a rangefinder at once, and I must say, it has been a game-changer in my hunting experience. In this Burris Oracle X crossbow scope review, I’ll share my first-hand perspective on this scope. 

A dedicated crossbow scope with a 2-7x variable zoom magnification, a built in range finder that can range out to 200yds on animal targets, and several other features.

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Burris Oracle X Specs

  • Magnification 2-7x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 32 mm
  • Field of View 47-14 ft @ 100 yds
  • Eye Relief 2.4 in
  • Length 11.9 in
  • Weight 30.8 oz
  • Battery CR123
  • Ranging Distance (Reflective) 500 yds
  • Ranging Distance (non-reflective) 200 yds

Specifications and Background of the Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

Burris, also known as Burris Optics, is a sporting goods company. They’re all about the game, offering top-notch riflescopes and binoculars. Whether you’re into hunting, competitive shooting, or even law enforcement gear, they’ve got you covered. Their lineup isn’t just limited to riflescopes; they’ve got handgun scopes, spotting scopes, mounts, and all the accessories you’d ever need for your outdoor adventures. It’s a one-stop shop for premium optics, making your outdoor adventures more focused and enjoyable. I’ve been using their optics for a while, including the Burris Oracle X. I love the unique features they include, and the lifetime warranty is a great bonus.

Okay, now let’s dive into the specifications of the Burris Oracle X crossbow scope.

The Burris Oracle X is a 2-7×32 crossbow scope that comes with a built-in rangefinder, magnification compensation, and a range button. The scope has range-finding optics that display the distance to the target and provide an aiming point for the setup. It factors in the angle for steep shots common in treestand hunting. 

The Burris Oracle X includes a wireless remote that users can place anywhere on the crossbow. This scope has an integrated inclinometer and a brightness control feature for fine-tuning the aiming point. The field of view on this scope is 47—14 feet at 100 yards. It also can laser to a reflective target up to 500 yards away, and to a deer up to 200 yards away. This scope runs on a CR123 battery and weighs 30.8 oz. The dimensions are 3.28 in. in height, 11.9” in length, and 2.95” in width.

Now that we’ve discussed the specs of the Burris Oracle X, let’s move on to its review.

Burris Oracle X Features

Burris Oracle X Features
1 Clear glass

Nice clear glass allows you to see your targets without distortion.

2 Adjustable Magnification

Classic magnification adjustment ring for 2-7x.

3 Picatinny Mount

Scope comes with a picatinny mount that has windage and elevation adjustments built in.

4 Remote Switch

Remote switch can trigger the scope and does not need to be attached to the scope via a wire.

5 Reticle

Reticle includes a classic cross hair along with bubble level, range, and illuminated drop point.

Review of the Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope.

So yeah, let’s get started on the review of the Burris Oracle X. Starting with the box, it had the scope itself. Along with the scope, you get a wireless remote switch which you can mount on the crossbow, wear on a lanyard, or you can just keep it in your pocket. The box also includes a CR123 battery for the scope and a CR2032 battery for the remote switch. Lastly, there’s a precise aluminum mount system included. That’s pretty much everything that comes in the box.

So, I had the chance to take the Burris Oracle X crossbow on some hunts and I have to tell you, the build quality is solid. Rain or rough patches – it held up to it all. Plus, knowing that this scope is backed by a lifetime warranty really took all the pressure off me. Setting up the scope on the scope mount was simple. It just slid right into place, and with a couple of twists, it locked in securely.

The glass on the Burris Oracle X scope is sharp. It gives you the clarity you need for sizing up your target. Even during the golden hour, with the sun setting, I didn’t find any distortion or fuzziness.

I’m not a fan of the rangefinder scope combo, but I liked the range-finding optics on this scope. It factored in angles for those steep shots you often get when you’re hunting from a tree stand. I could get the exact aiming point, no matter the angle or distance. The other day I was hunting on a steep slope but the Oracle X adjusted for the slope, and I could take a clear shot at my target.

This scope has a built-in rangefinder and magnification compensation, which was useful out in the field. I just had to spot the target, and it gave me the distance. The range button was placed well and made hitting the targeting simple. I was able to spot targets hundreds of yards away with no problem. I also liked switching between the two profiles that I set up on my Oracle X, the lighted arrows and non-lighted arrows. It was pretty straightforward. In terms of drawbacks, the eye relief on the Burris Oracle X is a bit high on the crossbow, which was a challenge as it took away my cheek support. While the build quality on this scope is solid, it’s also bulky and heavy. However, it is only half of the cost of Garmin Xero X1i and these drawbacks don’t break the deal for me.

Burris Oracle X Pros and Cons 

  • Adjustable magnification
  • Auto or manual brightness control
  • Wireless remote
  • Heavy
  • Large size

Report Card


No failures so far in our testing.


Clear view of your target through the scope.


The reticle is much less busy than other range-finding crossbow scopes we have tested


This is a long and bulky scope, but the remote trigger system is nice.


Lower price point than the Garmin, but still an expensive scope.

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Final Thoughts on Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope

To conclude, the Burris Oracle X crossbow scope offers excellent optics and is a reliable rangefinder that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why I have ranked it as the best value scope with rangefinder in my best crossbow scopes article. If you’re someone who is looking to up your crossbow game, the Burris Oracle X is undoubtedly a worthy investment. 

FAQs on Burris Oracle X

How does the Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope perform in low-light conditions?

The Burris Oracle X performs well in low-light conditions. The optical clarity remains sharp, which allows you to get an effective target observation during dawn or dusk.

What is the range of the Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope, and how does it perform in different scenarios?

The Oracle X can laser to a reflective target up to 500 yards away and to a deer up to 200 yards away. It has an excellent performance in various hunting scenarios, including both long-distance and tree stand hunting.

Can I use the Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope on different crossbow models, or is it model-specific?

The Oracle X is designed to be versatile and you can use it on several crossbow models. It is compatible with different setups and is user-friendly in nature.

What is the warranty coverage for the Burris Oracle X Crossbow Scope, and how does the warranty process work?

With the Oracle X, you get a lifetime warranty. In case of any issues, you can contact Burris Optics for support on the warranty process.


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