Best Nightstand Gun Safe: Safe and Secure

by Travis Pike

February 1, 2022



Imagine being woken in the middle of the night by some kind of bump, someone is kicking your door, a breaking window or something bad. You need your gun, and you need it fast. It’s locked in a big safe in your closet. Hopefully, you left the keys in an easy-to-find place and you get your gun in time. What is better, is having access to a dedicated nightstand safe. 

The Best Nightstand Gun Safes 

Why Do You Need A Nightstand Gunsafe 

Leaving a gun just chilling on your nightstand is a no-go, especially for those of us with kids. One of the biggest safety components of firearms is locking them up when it’s not in your control. A dedicated nightstand safe provides you with a quick option to retrieve your firearm and have it in-hand fast to provide you with protection. 

We’ve gathered a variety of nightstand safes that focus on providing both security and accessibility for gun owners. Hopefully, they allow you to sleep peacefully at night knowing your firearm is safe and you have access to it when necessary. 

The Limitations of a Nightstand Gunsafe 

Let’s be real clear here, nightstand gun safes are not a good choice for long-term storage. They are small safes, and small safes are very easy to steal and take off with. Small safes can also be easily broken into with some pretty basic tools. A nightstand safe will never be as safe as a big, standing gun safe. 

You should never leave a gun in a nightstand safe as a long-term storage option. I use mine only at night, and I toss my concealed carry pistol in the safe. If something goes bump, I have an immediate defensive option until I can get to my long gun. Keep the limitations of a nightstand safe in mind when you utilize one. 

A Good Nightstand Safe Should….

You should be able to securely envelop the firearm and limit access to a very limited number of people. Nightstand safes that prioritize defense should be easily accessible. This means you should be able to quickly open the safe and gain access to your firearm. The safe needs to be secure enough to keep unwanted users away but quick and easy enough to open in the dark and under pressure. 

That sounds like a lot to ask, but it’s completely possible. So much so that we’ve found seven safes that do just that. These nightstand safes make it easy to access your firearm but also keeps everyone else out. Technology has come a long way, and no longer are we isolated to lockboxes and wheel combination locks. We have high-tech options for the average user, and we’ve gathered them here.

Best Nightstand Gun Safes 

Hornady RAPiD Night Guard
  • Sleek appearance
  • Multiple means to open it
  • Quick opening design
Check Price
Hornady RAPiD Safe XL (2700KP) 
  • Rapid and easy to open
  • Multiple means to open it
  • Cable included
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Vaultek LifePod 
  • Perfect for Travel and Nightstand
  • Comes In a Variety of Colors
  • Digital and Mechanical Key
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Vaultek VT20
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Extremely Secure
Check Price
SentrySafe XL
  • Two-Gun design
  • Interior Light
  • Solid Steel Design
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Amazon Basics Security Safe
  • Basic and Affordable
  • Electronic Keypad
  • Secure
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Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand
  • It’s an actual nightstand
  • Massive compartment
  • Deceptive design
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The Best Nightstand Gun Safes Reviews 

Now let us look at the individual reviews of our top picks. We’ll look at the pros and cons and price point of each of our solutions and give you our take on each of these options.

Hornady RAPiD Night Guard Review

I’m a big fan of the Hornady RAPiD safes as you’ll see by the fact that this is the first of two Hornady options on this list. The Hornady RAPiD Night Guard is the cream of the crop of nightstand gun safes. Hornady’s RAPiD technology is the key (literally) to the safe’s success. 

While the RAPiD safes have a keypad with a combination lock, it also packs a key lock, but the real greatness is the RFID interface. RFID chips can be programmed to the safe to act as keys. The chips can be a watch, a keychain, a sticker attached to whatever, or a credit card-sized device, or even a small device that attaches to your watch that you’re already wearing. 

Enter the code, turn the key, or scan the RFID chip and the safe springs open. The RFID makes it open rapidly without any keys or inputs. It’s the fastest way to unlock a safe and get your gun into action. The safe drawer is big enough to stash a full-sized handgun, a light, extra mags, etc. 

The Night Guard is a sleek black nightstand safe complete with a small red clock that somewhat resembles an alarm clock. The nightguard incorporates a power cable as well as a battery backup. To capitalize on space, it has two USB ports to charge your phone, watch, tablet, etc. 

The safe comes with a mechanical key and 4 RFID keys that include a watchband tag, a key fob, and two decals. Other options are widely available and quite cheap. 

Hornady RAPiD Night Guard Pros and Cons

  • Opens Rapidly
  • So many options to open it
  • Sleek Appearance 
  • Digital keypad is flush and tough to feel in the dark

Hornady RAPiD Night Guard Deals

Hornady RAPiD Safe XL (2700KP) Review

If you like the idea of the Night Guard but don’t like the price, then the standard RAPiD Safe XL might work better for you. It’s a hundred bucks cheaper but functions exactly like the Night Guard. Well almost, instead of an opening drawer, the RAPiD safe opens upwards. Let me tell you, this thing flies open when unlocked. 

The RAPiD safe lacks the sleek appearance of the Night Guard and is just a standard grey safe. It’s smaller but big enough for a full-sized handgun equipped with a weapon light. The RAPiD safe technology is still present, and it can utilize a digital combination, a key, or a number of RFID keys. It’s still rapid to open and easy to access on the fly. 

The RAPiD, safe XL comes with the wrist band, the Key fob, the decals, and a mechanical key. I prefer this design’s keypad as it’s external and provides easy access in the middle of the night. At first press, the RAPiD XL lights up as well to make it easy to find your buttons if your RFID keys are nowhere near. 

This smaller model is also better for travel, if your nightstand safe has to pull double duty and it’s TSA compliant for checked firearms. This variant is much more affordable and a little more versatile while retaining the same tech at a much lower price. 

Hornady RAPiD Safe XL Pros and Cons

  • Opens rapidly
  • TSA Compliant
  • Excellent Value 
  • Kinda ugly

Hornady RAPiD Safe XL Deals

Vaultek LifePod Review

The Vaultek LifePod is a sweet little safe and one of my constant travel companions. This little safe is tiny but capable of packing a concealed carry or compact pistol. The Lifepod is small enough to drop in a drawer and forget about when it’s not in use. The digital keypad makes opening quick, and a 4 or 6 digit combo is easily set by the end-user. 

The LifePod is TSA compliant, lightweight, and easy to use. The LifePod seals tight, tight enough to prevent water from entering the safe and even floats. As you’d guess, it’s not your traditional safe, but it’s completely functional as a nightstand safe when the sun sets and you’re ready to get some Zzzs. 

If the batteries die, a mechanical key can back you up. If you lose the key, then you can plug the safe into a micro USB and then pop it open. I keep it plugged in at night and have no worries. It acts as a great travel nightstand safe too. It’s small and light, so it fits in my luggage with ease. 

The little LifePod comes in all the colors you could desire, from black to blue and camo too. It’s not a safe that would resist power tools for long, but it also shouldn’t be a long-term storage option anyway. 

Vaultek LifePod Pros and Cons

  • Small and Light
  • Easy to Travel With
  • Opens Swiftly
  • Too small for optics and light-equipped guns

Vaultek LifePod Deals

Vaultek VT20 Review

The Vaultek VT20 is not another Lifepod but a high-tech dedicated nightstand safe that’s more traditional in design. It packs a great and very tactile digital combination lock with five illuminated keys. The VT20 prioritizes security with anti-pry bars, anti-impact latches, and interior mounted hinges. 

It’s made from 16 gauge steel which is light compared to a dedicated gun safe but perfectly fine for a nightstand safe. I won’t lie, it doesn’t look like most safes, instead of having that industrial appearance it’s more tech-like and I prefer that appearance if it’s part of my room decor. The Vaultek VT20 is a nice-sized option for a big full-sized handgun, spare mag, and WML. 

Vaultek follows that high-tech appearance up with some high-tech functionality, including a Bluetooth app that directly interacts with the safe. You can open the safe via the app, check its access long, detect tampering, and check the battery status. The rechargeable battery lasts four months and is charged with a micro USB. 

This robust, high-tech safe is also decently affordable. They make a biometric model as well, but I don’t find the massive price increase worth the technology. The keys are good and quick enough, especially with a little practice. The travel mode disables the keys, and that’s really handy to prevent accidental pressing of the keys during travel. 

Vaultek VT20 Pros and Cons

  • Easy to Open
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Backlit keys 
  • App only works with one safe at a time

Vaultek VT20 Deals

SentrySafe XL Quick Access Digital Pistol Safe Review

If you are looking to store more than one handgun in your nightstand safe, you might have felt out of luck so far. If you and your significant other want to stash two guns in one safe, then the SentrySafe XL Quick Access safe has you covered. This big fella can hold two full-sized fighting guns with ease and provides you with quick and easy access to your weapons. 

The four-digit, illuminated keypad makes dialing in easy and allows you to quickly get your weapons in the middle of the night when necessary. The buttons provide tactile feedback that allows you to easily enter your code, and a mechanical backup key is included for emergencies. A gas strut opens the safe silently, and a dim blue light illuminates the inside of the safe to make grabbing the guns safe and easy. 

The door is tamper-resistant and made from solid steel. Users can bolt the safe down, but a cable lock is not included. As a solid steel safe, it’s heavy, which isn’t always a bad thing. The bad news is that the weight means you better have a tough and strong drawer if you plan to mount it inside the nightstand. 

SentrySafe XL Pros and Cons

  • Heavy-Duty steel 
  • Holds Two Guns
  • Included illumination 
  • No external power option 

SentrySafe XL Deals

Amazon Basics Security Safe Review

Sometimes you just need something simple, right? Nothing too crazy, and something that’s safe but can meet a tight budget. The Amazon basics line fills that role well, and sure it’s an Amazon product, but it’s a great little cafe for the money. It utilizes an electronic keypad or a mechanical key. Two massive bolts lock the safe and make it tough to chew through. 

There is nothing fancy here. No gas struts, hydraulics, or internal illumination. Just a safe that locks up nice and tight. As such, this safe utilizes a simple handle that turns the bolt and makes it easy to pull open. The door is recessed, so it’s pry-resistant, and the hinges are also concealed. It’s surprisingly secure for the relatively low price point. 

The Amazon Basics Security Safe can hold a full-sized gun, but not much else. It is somewhat small, but that’s okay. It does hide away in a drawer, the keypad is somewhat small but tactile, and if your muscle memory is the combination you’ll be quick to enter it and get your gun when necessary. It’s not fancy, but it’s effective and budget-friendly. 

Amazon Basics Security Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Secured
  • Not the quickest to access

Amazon Basics Security Deals

Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand Review

Finally, let’s call this my wild card selection. It’s literally a Nightstand safe. It’s a hidden safe located inside a nightstand. This discretionary style of safe doesn’t use heavy-duty steal but deception to secure your firearms. This works perfectly as a rather large night safe with multiple compartments for books, phones, and all that fun stuff. 

A drawer slides out of the top of the nightstand, and inside, you stash a wide variety of firearms. The internal area is large and can contain multiple full-sized guns, magazines, lights, and more. It’s a big boy with lots and lots of room. It also takes care of actually needing a nightstand. Now, if someone finds out what it is, they are only a hammer or hatchet away from access. 

However, that would require you to tell people your nightstand is also a gun safe. The lock is RFID-powered and makes it easy to access and open. The drawer slides out easily and smoothly. Overall, the nightstand is extremely well made and designed to last. The real downside comes from the cost. At near a grand, it’s not the cheapest option by far. 

Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand Pros and Cons

  • Discrete
  • Massive space
  • Well Made
  • Expensive

Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nighstand Deals

Best Nightstand Gun Safe – Buyers Guide

Maybe the above safes listed don’t work well for you. If that’s the case, let’s leave you with a little knowledge on how to find the right safe for your needs. We don’t want to sacrifice security or access so let’s talk locks and opening types. Safes come with a number of different locks and opening types. Let’s break those down so you know what’s what when shopping. 

Mechanical Key – Mechanical locks are exactly what you expect. They take a key, and you turn it, they open. They are basic, and most nightstand safes will have a mechanical option as a backup emergency key. They tend to be slow and require you to have keys on hand to access your firearms but are not reliant on power.

Combination Locks – Mechanical combination locks are old-school cool and also highly efficient. However, accessing a firearm can be slow and tedious. 

Digital – Digital combinations with a limited amount of numbers can be a fast and easy way to access your firearms. A four to nine-digit combo can be muscle memorized and becomes quite quick to input. They do require a battery source and are more prone to failure by virtue of being electric. 

RFID – RFID locks utilize a technology that requires a programmed, wireless key to quickly access your firearm. These keys can be incredibly small and can act as cards, stickers, and keychains. RFID technology is quite reliable but does require a power source. 

Biometric – Biometric uses a scan of your fingerprint or even your iris to open a safe. At this point, the standard commercial biometric technology isn’t reliable enough to depend on.

Beyond the Lock 

Nightstand safes are awfully small and plenty portable. Someone could just take the safe and open it at their convenience. Bad guys in a lair or kids in a garage can eventually access your safe. That’s why we don’t use these safes for long-term storage. However, there are ways to secure them even further if a nightstand safe is the safe you have or need. 

There are two ways to secure a nightstand safe. If you plan to use the container for long-term storage, then you need to look at these options seriously. 

The simplest means to secure a safe to a fixed object is a steel cable. A steel cable that runs through the safe and then secures itself to something heavy and hard. These steel cables are very common and not invulnerable to cutting, but it does take a lot of time to cut through steel cables. 

The more secure option is a mounting system. Safes cut for a mounting system allow you to insert a bolt through the safe and into a wall or floor. This further secures the safe and ensures it can’t be easily gripped and ripped. Some anchors are more secure than others, but anything is better than nothing. This does make your safe immobile, so be sure it’s where you want it. 

Beyond The Gun 

The safe needs to stash your gun, but what else? Well, I’d recommend a spare handheld light. Even if your gun has a weapon-mounted light, a handheld light can be extremely useful. It prevents you from constantly pointing a gun at everyone. Plus, having an easy access flashlight can be handy in tons of situations. 

Another good to have is a reload or two. Some spare ammo never hurt, and I’ve never heard of anyone complaining they had too much ammo in a gunfight. Being able to pocket or just carry an extra reload can be nice. For home defense, I’d pack a reliable extended magazine. 

Lock It Up 

If you own a firearm with the mindset of keeping you and your family safe, then you need to remember to lock it up when it’s not in your control. This will extend a nest of safety beyond your home and could help your community. Owning firearms is a right but also a responsibility. A good nightstand safe can allow you to lock a defensive firearm up without losing your access to the firearm. So lock it up, but do it smartly. 


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