15 Best Gun YouTube Channels [2022]: A Shot Above the Rest

by Roy Chesson

January 10, 2022



When it comes to firearms on YouTube, there are a lot of channels to choose from. And you’ll find everything from Studs, Fudds, and Duds. However, we’ve put together what we believe to be the best gun YouTube channels you can follow right now.

Each one is a bit different in their character and focus.  But combined, they are an excellent source for becoming familiar with guns and policy or just having a bit of fun. 

So, be sure to check them out. And if you find one you like, hit the subscribe button to help them keep bringing us quality content.

Best Gun YouTube Channels

Below is our a list of our favorites. Now, it’s too hard to rank these definitively best to worst. So, we’re going to put these in order with the highest amount of subscribers first.

Name Of Gun YouTube Channel

Demolition Ranch
  • Subscribers: 8.59M
  • Videos: 412
  • Years on YouTube: 9
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  • Subscribers: 5.22M
  • Videos: 1970
  • Years on YouTube: 13
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Full Mag
  • Subscribers: 2.52M
  • Videos: 344
  • Years on YouTube: 13
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Forgotten Weapons
  • Subscribers: 1.77M
  • Videos: 2206
  • Years on YouTube: 9
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Colion Noir
  • Subscribers: 1.47M
  • Videos: 795
  • Years on YouTube: 9
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Jerry Miculek – Pro Shooter
  • Subscribers: 1.3M
  • Videos: 404
  • Years on YouTube: 8
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Military Arms Channel
  • Subscribers: 1.08M
  • Videos: 1006
  • Years on YouTube: 12
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Warrior Poet Society
  • Subscribers: 807k
  • Videos: 417
  • Years on YouTube: 4
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The AK Guy
  • Subscribers: 587k
  • Videos: 215
  • Years on YouTube: 6
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National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Subscribers: 317k
  • Videos: 520
  • Years on YouTube: 13
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Lucky Gunner Ammo
  • Subscribers: 313k
  • Videos: 165
  • Years on YouTube: 8
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The Gun Collective
  • Subscribers: 240k
  • Videos: 751
  • Years on YouTube: 5
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Johnny B
  • Subscribers: 95.2k
  • Videos: 501
  • Years on YouTube: 4
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Graham Baates
  • Subscribers: 66.5k
  • Videos: 922
  • Years on YouTube: 9
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Precision Rifle Network
  • Subscribers: 20.8k
  • Videos: 172
  • Years on YouTube: 5
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Best Gun YouTube Channels of 2020

If any of these pique your interest right away, there’s no need to dig through. Just click on the link below, and you’ll taken straight to that section.

Subscribers: 8.59M
Videos: 412
Years on Youtube: 9

Demolition Ranch

Demolition Ranch Review

Hosted by Matt, DemolitionRanch is arguably the best trick shot firearm channel on YouTube.

Matt himself performs risky trick shots and is known for shooting (or shooting at) practically anything that viewers ask for, especially when it comes to firing things from a shotgun.

It’s a channel created for fun and games and it definitely shows. But it can be a bit of comedic relief when most other firearm channels are focused on education and information.

Sometimes it’s great just to see someone do something crazy, like stuffing porcupine quills into a shotgun or shoving popcorn down the tube and seeing what happens when you pull the trigger!

Even though the actual shooting events can be somewhat over the top, this channel is fairly lighthearted and provides family-friendly entertainment. There’s no need to worry about anyone getting hurt or excessive cursing, so it makes for good entertainment if guns are a commonplace thing in your household and you want to show your kids something hilarious.

Subscribers: 5.22M
Videos: 1970
Years on Youtube: 13

Hickok45 Review

We’d definitely recommend this channel if you’re at all interested in watching guns go bang. In fact, the guy behind the YouTube channel has an entire career based around shooting guns – how cool is that?

Within the channel’s insane amount of videos, you’ll be able to find a demo of practically any firearm you can imagine. He makes it a point to collect guns specifically for the purposes of shooting them on camera for both your and his own enjoyment!

But it’s not just a great channel for its visual fun. Each video also includes plenty of valuable information about the guns at hand.

For instance, Greg, the host of the channel, often explains how best to use a given weapon or provides an in-depth review of a particular firearm.

Such resources are incredibly valuable if you’re looking to buy a firearm he’s already reviewed in the near future. Perhaps the best thing of all is that Greg is an astoundingly entertaining host. In our eyes, each of his videos is well worth a watch for the charisma factor alone.

Subscribers: 2.52M
Videos: 344
Years on Youtube: 13

Full Mag Review

Full Mag (though it was formerly known as Rated RR) is a YouTube channel hosted by Richard Ryan. As opposed to a more serious and education-focused channel, this video collection emphasizes fun, general gun nuttiness, and lots of action.

As a result, it may not be the best channel if you’re a beginner looking to become more proficient with your chosen firearm.

But it’s a great channel if you already have plenty of experience and just want to watch something go boom.

Since Full Mag is partnered with several big companies, he’s been able to put out tons of high-quality videos for your entertainment value.

For instance, there’s a series where Ryan blasts away at random objects (usually electronics for more satisfying shattering). He also provides plenty of slow-motion shooting clips – fans of the Slo Mo Guys will find a lot to like here.

As an entertainment centered channel, it’s also a good choice if you want to waste time on YouTube with amusing videos instead of burning more stance or grip techniques into your brain. There’s a time and a place for everything, and this is definitely a place for fun.

Subscribers: 1.77M
Videos: 2206
Years on Youtube: 9

Forgotten Weapons

Forgotten Weapons Review

Despite the fact that firearms of been around for hundreds of years, most modern firearm knowledge focuses on present-day guns.

This channel aims to change that and provides a gold mine of information about old-style firearms and the influential weapons that paved the way for the high-power shooters we use today.

It also focuses on strange and eclectic firearms that tend not to be used in the field but which take up museum space or collect dust in the rooms of dedicated collectors.

The channel is separated into easy-to-understand playlists, so it’s a great channel for casual viewing or burning some time if you aren’t interested in learning about how to use modern guns and want to take a more historical approach.

Ian McCollum, who runs the channel, also has a dedicated website that provides other links to the videos in case the YouTube versions ever go down. Plus, the site has additional text details providing even more historical tidbits or facts.

All in all, it’s one of the best educational resources on YouTube. Even beyond the knowledge he imparts, Ian frequently shoots the old-school weapons he talks about. 

Subscribers: 1.47M
Videos: 795
Years on Youtube: 9

Colion Noir Review

Colion Noir is another famous voice in the gun control debate who got his start debating gun control activists that couldn’t come up with logical counterarguments.

And his primary source of income isn’t his YouTube channel. He’s actually an NRA News Commentator.

But he still finds time to put out quality YouTube videos–even with all of his other responsibilities. His success is mainly because he’s one of the best speakers around, both for gun information and entertainment.

As a lawyer, Noir provides tons of actionable information about gun control legislation, laws, and what they actually mean for US citizens in real-world situations.

If you want to know if and when your guns can be confiscated or whether you can legally use one of your firearms somewhere, Colion might have the answer.

He also reviews firearms in other videos throughout the channel. But beyond these standard topics, Noir talks about some more serious issues that other talking heads won’t dare touch. For instance, Colion addresses why black leaders tend to be more anti-gun than not and why anyone should be able to buy an assault rifle. He’s one of the best speakers for our side of the gun control debate.

Subscribers: 1.3M
Videos: 404
Years on Youtube: 8

Jerry Miculek–Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Review

You might also see this channel referred to as Miculek.com, but they’re attached to the same guy: Jerry Miculek.

Far from just a hobbyist who uses YouTube as a platform to earn some money, Jerry is one of the best sharpshooters in the world and regularly participates (And wins. And sets World Records while doing so) in competitions all over.

But rather than resting on his laurels, Jerry also runs this great YouTube channel that provides entertainment and education in equal measure. Many of the videos focus on very difficult or trick shots (normally pulled off by Jerry himself).

More impressively, Jerry provides tons of top-tier information about how exactly he manages those amazing shots so you can boost your own accuracy in the field.

Honestly, there’s just something to be said for the passive benefits you get by watching the guy who can pull off 200-yard shots with a .380 M&P Bodyguard.

Subscribers: 1.08M
Videos: 1006
Years on Youtube: 12

Military Arms Channel

Military Arms Channel Review

As the name suggests, Military Arms Channel is laser-focused on providing actionable information and a military-focused firearm education.

They’re a great resource if you want to know how to become a better shooter or develop better accuracy techniques. But their videos stray far beyond the basic educational topics you’d expect.

Videos on buying used handguns, what firearms and optics are affordable and worth your time, and in-depth gear reviews also make up a significant part of this channel’s video catalog.

They also don’t shy away from political topics and videos – in fact, this channel has plenty of political focused videos explicitly denouncing the gun control pushes recently seen in many legislative centers.

Tim, the channel’s host, is a former Marine and provides excellent video quality of the kind that could make full-time video producers jealous. Every video recorded is a supremely high-quality production and like something you would expect to see on TV. Give some of these videos a shot and we think you’ll spend more time than you planned on spending on YouTube.

Subscribers: 807k
Videos: 417
Years on Youtube: 4

Warrior Poet Society

Warrior Poet Society Review

According to John Lovell, it’s not just enough to be a man. For him, it’s about embracing the Warrior Poet within all of us.

He encourages everyone to reach inside and find their strength through vulnerability in order to show a bold new masculinity, become a better father and husband, and exhibit love and kindness to their fellows.

But also to be able to flip the switch and become a dangerous protector when that particular need and moment arises.

His channel is slowly growing beyond the reaches of YouTube. The Warrior Poet mentality has now become somewhat of a real movement–one with big things coming. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss what’s coming next with the Warrior Poet Society.

Subscribers: 587k
Videos: 215
Years on Youtube: 6

Brandon Herrera

The AK Guy Review

The AK Guy, run by Brandon Herrera, is a relatively newer firearm channel but it’s already one of our favorites.

As the name of the channel suggests, it primarily focuses on AK weapon platforms.

Brendan himself is a professional AK builder and loves diving deep into all the aspects of this versatile and worldwide weapon.

Within the channel, you’ll find videos about practically every AK-related topic you can imagine.

There are AK shooting videos, AK distance competition videos, AK modification, and maintenance videos, and even videos about the history of the weapon and why it spread as far and why as it did.

Brandon and his crew also come up with crazy AK -related projects from time to time and document their process over a few videos.

For instance, they created a hypothetical 1000-yard AK chambered for .224 Valk cartridges. Take a dip into the channel and see if there’s something you want to watch (there will be, trust us!).

Subscribers: 317k
Videos: 520
Years on Youtube: 13

NSSF Review

Founded in 1961, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has had one major goal:

To promote, protect, and preserve hunting and shooting sports.

And now with their YouTube channel, they’re able to reach out to even more gun supporters than ever before.

NSSF makes excellent videos that tackle everyday issues of regular gun-owning folk such as how to lead clay birds, cleaning and maintenance tips, how to properly use your equipment, and gun safety.

They’re also known to team up with some of the best shooters and instructors out there such as Doug Koenig, Gil Ash, Cody Firearms, Bryan Litz, and even Gun University’s very own Ryan Cleckner!

Subscribers: 313k
Videos: 165
Years on Youtube: 8

Lucky Gunner Ammo

Lucky Gunner Ammo Review

If you like guns and education, this is the perfect channel for you.

Rather than constantly hocking certain products or brands, Lucky Gunner is committed to providing neutral and unbiased gun educational information.

It’s a perfect resource for both beginners or for experienced shooters that just want to perfect their technique and buying strategies.

Each of the videos is of a particularly high quality production, and most of them cover interesting rather than gimmicky topics.

For instance, their videos focus more on technique (like why a shot timer could be a great accessory to own) instead of just shooting guns and watching things blowing up.

Each of their videos is worth watching at least once, and we’d easily recommend them for anyone looking to sharpen their skills. The main host, Chris Baker, is also a phenomenal guy and very knowledgeable – you can tell he gets his info from first-hand experience instead of secondhand guides.

Subscribers: 240k
Videos: 751
Years on Youtube: 5

The Gun Collective

The Gun Collective Review

The Gun Collective is something of a broad-spectrum firearm channel, covering several gun-related topics instead of focusing on something as super-specific as The AK Guy.

The Gun Collective instead produces videos on practically everything in the firearm industry ranging from gun-control laws and news to gun giveaways to cool firearm competitions and industry developments.

This does make it a great generalist channel to switch to when none of the other more niche channels have a new video (which is rare).

Furthermore, it’s a good resource if you want to keep abreast of current gun control laws and legislative developments. This way, you know how you can contribute to the gun control conversation and make sure that the feds don’t continue taking rights away from US citizens.

Beyond these videos, the channel also creates a handful of excellent gun tests and reviews. These are fairly in-depth and often compare firearms or parts you might not expect. Take a peek at some of their videos and we think you’ll be hooked.

Subscribers: 95.2k
Videos: 501
Years on Youtube: 4

Johnny B Review

Johnny B–aka Gun Drama Johnny–is a hot mess full of witty, comedic takes on what’s happening in the world of guns.

And here at Gun University, we just can’t get enough.

Often, the team here find ourselves posting the latest Johnny B video through our internal memos. However, he’s not just hilarious.

Johnny’s super in-tune with the common shooter and is a champion of knowledge towards the Second Amendment.

So, if you’re looking for a gut-busting good time, check out Johnny B. From his Hill Person Johnny skits and “Ask an Applachian” routines to his more serious videos, the channel’s full of great content to subscribe to.

Subscribers: 66.5k
Videos: 922
Years on Youtube: 9

Graham Baates

Graham Baates Review

The name Graham Baates may sound a bit familiar to some of you Gun University readers out there. And that’s because Graham’s a contributing writer for the site! He’s got more guns than you can shake a stick at and plenty of great knowledge on each and every one.

Graham’s got a top notch review channel where he goes into in-depth breakdowns of different guns, gives you excellent shooting tips, and does what he can to help us all become better shooters.

We’re especially keen on his “What’s for Dinner” tests. These are where he cycle through what seems to be countless different ammo loads to see what loads certain guns will and will not take.

Subscribers: 20.8k
Videos: 172
Years on Youtube: 5

Precision Rifle Network

Precision Rifle Network Review

Last, but not least on our list is Precision Rifle Network. Run by Joel Wise–security consultant, firearms instructor, precision rifle competitor, and Gun University contributor–this channel is dedicated to all competitors, hunters, and operators in the precision rifle arena.

Joel’s got this real laid-back, easy to follow presentation style that just puts you at ease when watching his videos.

If you’re looking for some great knowledge with real shooting that’s easy to digest, you need to subscribe to Precision Rifle Network.

Gun University’s YouTube Channel

And while you’re over there on YouTube checking out any of these awesome channels, be sure to head over to the Gun University channel. There we’ll keep you up-to-date with live fire reviews and opinions on gun topics of all varieties.


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  1. While these are some of the biggest, I think there are some young channels out there that are great too. For example, the channel Hunt Fish Shoot has a lot to offer for a channel that’s only been active for about a year. Good content and great quality. Just one of those things that will take time for people to catch on.

  2. You left out Paul Harrell and he rates up there with Hickok 45. Another one is Ron Stoner ?

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