Ameriglo i-Dot Sights Review: Enhancing Precision and Visibility

by Dave Chesson

January 8, 2024



As an avid shooter with a penchant for precision and ease of use, I understand the critical role sights play in enhancing shooting experiences. Having extensively used and tested various night sight setups, I delved into the Ameriglo i-Dot Sights, curious about the promised improvements in precision and visibility. Let me walk you through my firsthand experience with these sights in my Ameriglo i-Dot Sights review.

Ameriglo i-Dot Sights Specs

  • Material Metal
  • Tritium? Front and Rear
  • Sight Picture Dot over dot

Specifications and Background of Ameriglo i-Dot Sights

Before we jump into my review, let’s talk about some specifications first. 

The Ameriglo i-Dot Sights, a brainchild of collaboration between Kyle Defoor, the maker of Defoor sights for the Navy seals, and AmeriGlo, boast durability and efficiency in varied light conditions, appealing to both civilian enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel. Crafted with blacked-out metal, these sights are a testament to their sturdiness.

The reputable sight manufacturer, Trijicon, makes the tritium insert. Tritium is the secret sauce here—it’s a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that provides illumination in low-light or no-light conditions. The Ameriglo i-Dot sights use this technology to ensure you can always acquire your target, day or night.

The front sight steals the show with its attention-grabbing orange circle surrounding the green tritium. The clever contrast of the front sight enhances visibility even in well-lit areas, ensuring that your eyes are glued to the night sight.

Okay, now let’s dive into my review of this optic. 

Ameriglo i-Dot Sights Features

Ameriglo i-Dot Sights Features
1 Metal Sights

We dislike the factory plastic Glock sights. These are all metal construction and will hold up to abuse.

2 Bright Outline

The bright outline surrounding the front tritium lamp directs your eyes to the front sight. You can get these sights in white, orange, or green outlines.

3 Wide notch

The wide notch helps you pick up your sights a little faster, although this may come at the expense of accuracy.

4 Tritium

The dot over dot style tritium is a simple way of aligning sights and the tritium is bright and easy to see in low light situations.

My Review of Ameriglo i-Dot Sights

Upon receiving the package promptly and in good packaging, I embarked on a journey of transformation for my shooting experience. The Ameriglo Pro i-Dot sights are a matter of personal preference, and my initial skepticism gave way to absolute admiration. Now, the magic lies in those tritium inserts from Trijicon. These little radioactive wonders light up your sight even in the darkest corners. And let me tell you, that green tritium surrounded by an attention-grabbing orange circle on the front sight? It’s like a beacon, making sure you can’t miss it even in broad daylight. That combo ensures you’re always locked on target. 

They’re built like tanks, seriously! Crafted from tough steel, these sights scream durability. You want gear that won’t quit on you, and these sights deliver that confidence, no matter where or how you’re shooting.

The design is slick, too. The front sight is thinner than your regular stock sights, and the rear sight channel? Slightly wider. What does that mean to you? A clearer view of your target and a sharper aim. Plus, they’re compatible with various Glock models, making them a versatile Glock sight choice for a wide range of shooters. 

Transitioning from traditional 3-dot night sight to the Ameriglo Pro i-Dots was a revelation. In the dot-over-dot configuration, the rear sight typically features a notch that aligns with the front sight’s dot. This notch serves as the reference point for aligning the sights for accurate shooting. The ease of front sight acquisition during a concealment draw was unparalleled. The slender front sight post, paired with a slightly wider rear sight channel, provided a clearer sight picture, elevating my shooting capabilities remarkably.


Installation was a breeze with the right tools, and the difference in focus, thanks to the laser-like precision of the orange front sight, was a game-changer. Aligning the sights became second nature, eliminating the subconscious struggle of balancing three independent circles for alignment.

Despite initial adjustments and acclimatization, the Ameriglo i-Dot sights proved their mettle. They offer a swift and instinctive dot-over-dot alignment, enhancing target acquisition and precision. What’s impressive is how these sights seamlessly transition between different lighting conditions. The luminescent paint on the front sight ensures quick acquisition during daylight, while the tritium lamp kicks in when darkness descends, ensuring your sights remain visible even in low light conditions. 

That said, there are some cons you should keep in mind. If you’re used to the traditional three-dot sights, shifting to the dot-over-dot setup might throw you off a bit at first. Some folks find it takes a bit of time to nail that perfect alignment between the two dots, especially when it’s not so bright out. 

Also, I personally find the front sight’s design is fantastic for visibility, but for some, its slightly larger size might be a matter of personal taste. If you’re used to smaller front sights, this change might feel a bit odd at first.

For those considering the transition to Ameriglo i-Dot Sights, here are some insights gleaned from my experience:

  1. Tools for Installation: Invest in a front sight post 3/16 hex screwdriver and a sight pusher for hassle-free installation. Here is a link to a good front sight tool on Amazon.
  2. Practice for Low-Light Situations: Regular practice in low-light scenarios or using a flashlight to illuminate the target aids in mastering alignment with ease.
  3. Patience in Adjustment: Minor adjustments might be necessary post-installation to achieve optimum accuracy; bench-rest firing your pistol can help. 

Ameriglo i-Dot Sights Pros and Cons 

  • Bright tritium – The tritium is bright and easily seen in low light or no light conditions.
  • Orange outline – I love the orange outline around the front tritium lamp. It really draws my eye to it.
  • Robust – Compared to the OEM polymer, these metal sights are a great improvement.
  • No 3 dot – If you have a lot of experience with the standard 3 dot sight picture, this change might take some getting used to.

Report Card

Brightness and Visibility

The tritium lamp works great and is very visible in low or no-light situations.


Sturdy metal construction can be used for racking of slide, if needed.


These are not target sights, but they work great for standard engagement distances.

Daytime Performance

The bright orange surrounding the tritium lamp really pulls the eye to it.


These sights offer a great value at the price point.

Ameriglo i-Dot Sights Final Grade

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Final thoughts on Ameriglo i-Dot Sights

In conclusion, the Ameriglo i-Dot Sights have significantly elevated my shooting prowess. While personal preferences in sight systems might vary, the undeniable quality, durability, and precision offered by these sights make them a commendable choice. Their ability to enhance both daytime and nighttime shooting experiences, coupled with their reasonable pricing, makes them a compelling addition to any shooter’s arsenal. That’s why I’ve ranked it in my best Glock Night Sights article–you can read it here.

As I continue to assess and measure their performance over the coming months, I am inclined to outfit all my pistols with this setup. The Ameriglo i-Dot Sights have truly convinced me that they are a worthwhile investment, delivering not just on promised features but also exceeding expectations in real shooting scenarios.

FAQs on Ameriglo i-Dot Sights

Are these sights compatible with specific firearm models? 

Yes, these sights are specifically designed for Glock pistols, ensuring a snug fit and compatibility with various Glock models. They do offer the i-Dot sights for other firearms manufacturers and models though.

How do the tritium inserts work in the i-Dot sights? 

The tritium inserts in these sights emit a continuous stream of electrons, interacting with phosphor material to provide illumination without relying on external light sources. This ensures visibility in low-light scenarios for enhanced target acquisition.

Will these sights fit into standard holsters or require modifications? 

While slightly taller than factory night sights, these sights typically fit into standard holsters without requiring significant modifications.


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