Trijicon Ventus Review: Wind Reading Game Changer?

by Ryan Cleckner

January 11, 2022



The Trijicon Ventus, if it works as advertised, is a game-changer for long-range shooting. What do we know about and think of it? Keep reading and check out our Trijicon Ventus review below.

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Trijicon Ventus Specs

  • Wind Reading 500 yards
  • Rangefinding 5,000 Yards
  • Magnification 9 Power
  • Batteries 2 Rechargeable Lithium 18650 Batteries

Trijicon Ventus Background

In the Long Range Shooting Handbook I wrote, “If it wasn’t for the wind, everyone could be a sniper.”

In my book I explain that the biggest effect on a bullet’s path (unless you shoot a tree in the way of the target) is gravity. Thankfully, it is the easiest to account for.

The bad news is that the second largest effect on a bullet’s path is wind and it is the hardest variable to account for.

Wind is the real difficult part of long range shooting for two reasons:

  1. It is difficult to determine what the wind is doing all the way to the target, and
  2. Even if you do figure it out, it often changes easily (and quickly)

With the release of the Ventus by Trijicon, it looks like they just took care of long range wind problem #1, determining wind downrange (out to 500 yards, at least…for now).

They’ve released what we’ve been wanting (and in some cases not even realize that we’ve been wanting): a handheld device that reads wind at distance!

Does it work? We’ll see…

For now, we can only share what we know so far (and are allowed to share).

Trijicon has created a handheld device that uses doppler radar to measure particulates in the air. This technology in the Ventus is called “WindPro Technology” by Trijicon.

According to Trijicon, “The wavelength of the returning laser energy shifts due to particulate motion (Doppler Effect). The system measures three-dimensional wind velocities at various distances in front of the shooter by measuring the Doppler shift of returning laser energy.”

Currently, the WindPro technology in the Ventus only works out to 500 yards, however, we look forward to the technology increasing in distance with time.

Trijicon is going to offer the Ventus in late 2020 in two models: the standard Ventus wind reading rangefinder and the Ventus X which also includes internal ballistic software and built-in sensors to measure atmospheric temperature, stratospheric pressure, and incline angle in addition to the wind-reading and rangefinding features of the base Ventus model.

The Trijicon Ventus will also work with the Trijicon Ballistic App (will be available for iPhone and Android). Features of the Trijicon app include:

  • Seamless Bluetooth Integration with Ventus™ X
  • See Wind Map Overlay of Readings
  • Remotely Fire the Ventus™ X from the App
  • Provides Ballistic Solution on Trijicon reticle with the App
  • Save Up to 1,000 Ventus™ X Readings within the App

Until we have more information about the Ventus to share (you already subscribed so you’ll get notified of updates, right?), you’ll have to gather more info about the Ventus wind-reading rangefinder in this video:

Trijicon Ventus Features

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Trijicon Ventus Review – Our Take

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Ryan is a former special operations sniper (1/75 Ranger) and current firearms attorney, firearms industry executive, university lecturer, and bestselling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook.

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  1. This is completely frustrating. Trijicon has been dangling the Ventus in front of us for more than two years with no concrete sign that they’re ever going to release it for sale. “Reviews” like this serve no purpose other than to keep everyone hoping for a product that may never appear. If you know something definite, then let’s hear it! Otherwise, don’t waste our time. (Looking at you, Trijicon…)

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