Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 Riflescope: A Shooter’s Companion

by Dave Chesson

November 21, 2023



Now, I’m no stranger to the world of optics, but Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 Riflescope had me intrigued from the get-go. Lightweight, compact, and claiming to be the jack-of-all-trades, the Credo had some big shoes to fill. And its performance really impressed me. So, let me walk you through my journey with this piece of glass and review the Trijicon Credo 1-4x.

Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 Specs

  • Magnification 1-4x
  • Objective Lens 24 mm
  • Tube Diameter 30 mm
  • Eye Relief 2.6-3.9 in
  • Weight 17.1 oz

Background and Specifications of Trijicon Credo

Before I take you through my review of the Trijicon Credo 1-4×24, here’s a quick look at the specifications and background of the riflescope. Trijicon, with a reputation for producing rugged and reliable optics, introduced the Credo series to cater to the demands of users requiring a balance between speed and precision. Some scopes in the Credo series are Trijicon Credo and the Trijicon Credo HX. Trijicon designed the Credo scopes to withstand harsh conditions, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from law enforcement to competitive shooting.

The Trijicon Credo 1-4X24 has a good enough magnification. The 1-4X24 indicates a variable magnification from 1x for quick target acquisition at close ranges to 4x for better target identification at medium distances. This scope features a 30mm tube, which is standard for many high-quality riflescopes.

The Credo 1-4X24 boasts illuminated reticles for excellent low-light hunting and fast ranging. Specially engineered reticle designs ensure accurate precision, and the second focal plane allows for true detail at higher magnifications. The red dot and extra-wide field enhance fast engagement, making it suitable for both range day and hunting scenarios.

The 24mm objective lens contributes to a compact and lightweight design while providing a clear and bright sight picture. They construct the main body of the scope from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. The BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) reticle, about which I’ve talked about more in the review, is designed to assist with bullet drop compensation, allowing for more accurate shots at varying distances.

Alright. Now that’s out of the way, let’s jump straight into my Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 review. 

Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 Features

Trijicon Credo 1-4x24 Features
1 Reticle

Illuminated reticle can be used like a red dot on 1x and has a BDC system for longer range engagements.

2 Adjustable Magnification

Re-positional magnification lever for fast switches between magnification.

3 Brightness settings

User selectable brightness for reticle with 10 settings and off positions between each setting.

4 Point of impact adjustment

Capped windage and elevation adjustment knobs require no tools and adjust in 0.1 MRAD or 0.25 MOA depending on model.

My Review of Trijicon Credo 

Unboxing the Credo feels like unwrapping a high-tech gift. The glass quality is a revelation–crisp images, and a generous eye box that feels like you upgraded from regular TV to HD. Whether you’re navigating a dynamic environment or honing in on a distant target, the Credo ensures decent clarity. The 30mm tube provides an expansive field of view, akin to peering through a portal rather than a standard scope.

The 1-4x magnification range is a sweet spot, and that BDC reticle? It’s like having GPS for your bullets. The circular illuminated reticle on the 1-6x version maintains its clarity as you zoom, ensuring your aim stays true. Now a lot of people might not agree with this, but the Bending Aiming Concept for both eyes open shooting is a stroke of genius. Both eyes open shooting is a learning curve, but once mastered, it’s a game-changer for situational awareness. Let’s face it; in the real-world shooting scenarios, awareness is just as critical as accuracy.

Sure, it’s not as forgiving as a red dot in different shooting positions, but it’s like learning a new dance step–a bit tricky initially, but you adapt. The weight, or lack thereof, ensures your setup remains agile and responsive.

I’m pretty happy with the optics and construction, too. They encased the Credo in a 30mm tube, a testament to the marriage of durability and sleek design. Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, this rifle scope isn’t just about aesthetics–it’s a rugged tool designed to withstand the harshest conditions.

The 1-4×24 configuration makes it a dynamic choice for a variety of shooting scenarios. With a weight of 17 ounces, it strikes the perfect balance between robust construction and lightweight maneuverability. This scope becomes an extension of your firearm, a seamless addition that enhances rather than hinders your shooting experience.

I mounted it on a 450 Bushmaster, gearing up for a recoil test. After 5,000 rounds, it stood firm–no shifts, no compromises. I can confidently say the Credo maintains the reliability and durability Trijicon is famous for. 

Features are where the Credo unveils its quirks and perks. The BDC reticle is the star, guiding your shots with precision. The illumination, though, can be a bit finicky in direct sunlight. But come dawn, dusk, or indoors, it lights up like a beacon.

Final thoughts on Trijicon Credo 

So, the Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 Riflescope? It’s a player in the optics game. Lightweight, clear as day, and built like a tank, it’s a great optic but the high price, the learning curve you’ll have to go through when starting out with it, and the finicky illumination in sunlight meant I had to rank it 5th in my best AR 15 optics article—you can read it here

That said, if you often operate in low-light scenarios or want something with fast target acquisition, the Credo might just be the one to sweep you off your feet. 

Trijicon Credo 1-4×24 Pros and Cons 

  • Repositionable magnification lever
  • Adjustable magnification
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Magnification range is a little limited on the top end

Report Card


The clarity on the Credo remains good through its magnification range.


With a good eye box and adjustable magnification, along with the illuminated reticle, the shootabilty of the Credo is top notch.


Through our testing, our Credo stayed zeroed.


The Credo offers a good range of features including illuminated BDC reticle.

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FAQ for Trijicon Credo

What is the Trijicon Credo 1-4X, and how does it differ from other rifle scopes?

The Trijicon Credo 1-4X is a versatile rifle scope designed for a variety of applications, from CQB (Close Quarters Battle) to medium-range shots. It stands out with its true 1x magnification, making it ideal for fast target acquisition in different shooting positions. The low capped adjusters and re-positionable magnification knob contribute to its adaptability for various rifle configurations.

How does the Trijicon Credo 1-4X perform in extreme conditions?

The Trijicon Credo 1-4X is built to military standards, ensuring durability and reliability in extreme conditions. Its matte black finish not only adds to its sleek appearance but also provides resistance against wear and tear. They designed this riflescope to withstand the rigors of 3-gun matches and diverse rifle configurations.

How does Trijicon Credo HX differ from the standard Credo 1-4X model?

The Trijicon Credo HX shares the same excellent features as the standard Credo 1-4X, with a focus on providing hunters an edge in low-light conditions. With its illuminated reticles and excellent light transmission, the Credo HX is specifically tailored for hunting applications, offering fast target acquisition and accurate precision even during low light hunting scenarios.

What accessories can I use with the Trijicon Credo 1-4X?

To enhance your experience with the Trijicon Credo 1-4X, consider optic accessories such as gun lights and night vision devices. Trijicon offers a range of related products, including other scopes like the 3-10 models, which share the same commitment to accuracy and durability.

How does the Trijicon Credo 1-4X perform in 3-gun matches?

The Credo 1-4X is an ideal choice for 3-gun matches, thanks to its true 1x magnification, fast target acquisition, and low-profile design. Its adaptability to different shooting positions is further enhanced by the re-positionable magnification knob and low capped adjusters, making it a versatile optic for competitive shooting scenarios.

Can the Trijicon Credo 1-4X be used with night vision?

Yes, the Trijicon Credo 1-4X is night vision compatible, providing users with the flexibility to operate in low-light situations. The illuminated reticles ensure fast ranging, even in challenging lighting conditions, making it a reliable choice for both day and night applications.

What is the significance of the 30mm scope tube in the Trijicon Credo 1-4X?

The 30mm scope tube of the Credo 1-4X not only adds to its robust construction but also allows for better light transmission. This, combined with the excellent glass quality, ensures a clear and crisp sight picture, contributing to the riflescope’s overall performance, especially in medium-range shots.

Is the Trijicon Credo 1-4X suitable for low light hunting?

The Trijicon Credo 1-4X excels in low light hunting scenarios due to its illuminated reticles and excellent light transmission. The true 1x magnification provides a wide field of view for fast target acquisition, making it an ideal choice for hunters looking to maintain accuracy even in challenging lighting conditions.

How does the Trijicon Credo 1-4X cater to those interested in fast engagement and CQB applications?

Trijicon designed the Credo 1-4X with features like a red dot, low-profile design, and true 1x magnification to facilitate fast engagement, making it well-suited for CQB applications. Its adaptability to different shooting positions and the re-positionable magnification knob further enhance its performance in dynamic and close-quarters scenarios.


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