Oakley Tombstone Glasses Review: A Shooter’s Perspective

by Dave Chesson

November 27, 2023



As an avid shooter, finding the right eyewear is crucial for both performance and safety. After months of contemplation, I decided to invest in the Oakley Tombstone glasses, drawn to their frameless design and promises of unparalleled performance. In this review, I’ll delve into my first-hand experience with these glasses. 

Oakley Tombstone Glasses Specs

  • Lens style Wrap-around
  • Lenses included 1
  • Extra lenses available? No
  • Lens colors Clear/Grey
  • Field of view 120°
  • ANSI safety spec? Yes

Specifications and Background of Oakley Tombstone Glasses

Before we see my Oakley Tombstone Glasses review, let’s take a quick look at the specifications of the glasses. Oakley, a brand that has become synonymous with cutting-edge sports eyewear, has been at the forefront of innovation since its establishment in 1975 by James Jannard. They’ve made some really great glasses and the Oakley Si Tombstone glasses are some of the best. 

Oakley Tombstone Glasses boast a frameless design, preventing fogging and providing a clear line of sight during shooting activities. They equip the lenses with high-definition optics and Prizm technology, promising enhanced color, contrast, and clarity. The Switchlock quick lens exchange system allows for rapid lens interchangeability without compromising on security. Additionally, the glasses adhere to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) markings, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Oakley Tombstone Glasses Features

Oakley Tombstone Features
1 Single release trigger

A single release trigger allows you to rapidly exchange lenses.

2 Large field of view

120 degree field of view without frames to interrupt vision.

3 PRIZM technology

PRIZM technology provides contrast enhanced viewing to help find targets and limit eye strain.

My Review of Oakley Tombstone Glasses 

After considering different shooting glasses, I ultimately selected the Oakley Tombstone. The glasses live up to their reputation, offering a lightweight and comfortable fit. The frameless design is a game-changer, eliminating any hindrance to my line of sight. An unobstructed view above the nose bridge is particularly noteworthy, allowing me to maintain focus without adjusting my head position. The only slight drawback is the feeling of flimsiness in the plastic frames, but with careful handling, this hasn’t posed a significant issue.

The lens interchangeability of the Oakley Tombstone glasses is a standout feature. The Switchlock system allows for quick and effortless lens changes, catering to different lighting conditions. Whether I’m at the shooting range or engaged in fast competition shooting, the adaptability of these glasses is impressive. However, the size and bulkiness could be a concern for some folks, especially when it comes time to stow them away.

In terms of eye protection, the Oakley Tombstone glasses excel on shooting ranges and in fast-paced competition shooting. The lenses are clear, meeting Oakley’s high-quality standards, and offer a commendable level of impact resistance. While they may not be suitable for airsoft due to the lack of full-seal eye protection, they are ideal for those who prioritize shooting activities.

The Oakley Tombstone glasses deliver on their promise of unprecedented performance, making them a worthy investment for serious shooters. The Prizm technology enhances the overall shooting experience, making targets pop and improving target acquisition. However, the potential fragility of the plastic frames might be a concern for some users.

Final Thoughts on the Oakley Tombstone Glasses

In conclusion, the Oakley Tombstone glasses stand out as an impressive addition to Oakley’s eyewear lineup. The unique combination of a frameless design, Prizm technology, and lens interchangeability makes them a compelling choice for serious shooters. The only reason I ranked them 2nd in my best shooting glasses article–you can read it here–is because of their durability issues compared to the Revision I-Vis.  

That said, these glasses offer a remarkable blend of comfort, functionality, and performance, making them a valuable asset for any shooting enthusiast.

Oakley Tombstone Pros and Cons 

  • Easy to change lenses
  • High bridge lens profile for use with long guns
  • Thick temples can be annoying with over the ear hearing protection

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FAQs of Oakley Tombstone Glasses

What sets Oakley Tombstone glasses apart from conventional eyewear? 

Oakley Tombstone glasses stand out with their revolutionary competitive shooting eye shield design, offering unprecedented performance for modern-day marksmen. The frameless design, coupled with high-tech features like lens interchangeability and Prizm lens technology, sets them apart in the world of shooting glasses.

How does the lens interchangeability feature benefit users? 

They equip the Oakley Tombstone glasses with the Switchlock quick lens exchange system, allowing users to easily swap lenses for different lighting conditions. This innovative feature enhances adaptability during shooting activities, ensuring optimal visibility and clarity.

Are Oakley Tombstone glasses suitable for the military or with tactical gear? 

Yes, Oakley Tombstone glasses, especially those from the Oakley Standard Issue (SI) line, are designed to meet the stringent requirements of military and tactical use. They come with appropriate ANSI markings, making them official safety glasses suitable for military and law enforcement personnel.

How do Oakley Tombstone glasses address concerns about eye fatigue and strain? 

The incorporation of High Definition Optics (HDO) and Prizm lens technology in Oakley Tombstone glasses minimizes eye fatigue and strain. These advanced optics enhance color, contrast, and clarity, reducing the visual stress often associated with prolonged use of shooting glasses.

How durable are the frames of Oakley Tombstone glasses? 

While the frames of Oakley Tombstone glasses prioritize a lightweight design, users should exercise proper care to avoid potential issues. Although the frames may feel somewhat light, with mindful handling, these glasses have proven to be durable for various shooting scenarios.

Are Oakley Tombstone glasses suitable for use with weapon accessories and lights? 

Yes, Oakley Tombstone glasses are compatible with weapon lights and accessories. The frame design allows for a comfortable fit even when using additional gear, making them an ideal choice for shooters who need to integrate various tactical equipment.

Do Oakley Tombstone glasses come in different frame colors? 

Yes, Oakley Tombstone glasses offer a variety of frame colors to suit individual preferences. The diverse range allows users to choose a frame color that complements their style while maintaining the high-performance features that define Oakley eyewear.

Can Oakley Tombstone glasses be worn with tactical boots and military uniforms? 

Oakley Tombstone glasses are designed to complement military uniforms, including those of the Air Force and Army. Their sleek and functional design ensures compatibility with tactical boots, providing a cohesive and professional appearance for those in uniform.

How do Oakley Tombstone glasses perform in terms of contrast and lens profile?

 Oakley Tombstone glasses excel in providing exceptional contrast, thanks to the Prism lens technology. The lens profile is carefully crafted to enhance color perception and clarity, offering shooters a distinct advantage in quickly identifying and engaging targets.


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