Maven B.5 10x56mm Review: An Optical Brilliance

by Dave Chesson

January 22, 2024



As someone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors hunting, I know the importance of having the right pair of binoculars beside you. Whether I’m tracking game or spotting animals, optics have always been a game-changer for my hunts. I personally like getting my hands on any pair of binoculars that has great optical clarity, a bunch of cool features, and is durable enough to handle rough terrains. That’s how I came across the Maven B.5 10x56mm, which is a part of their B Series. In this review, I’ll be spilling the beans on my personal experience with these binoculars, breaking down the technical nitty-gritty, and giving you the real deal on how they perform.

Maven B.5 10x56mm Specs

  • Magnification 10x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 56 mm
  • Length 8.2 in
  • Weight 45 oz
  • Exit Pupil 5.6 mm
  • Twilight Factor 23.7
  • Prism Type Abbe-Koenig
  • Minimum Focus 9.8 ft

Specifications and Background of Maven B.5 10x56mm

Alright, before we jump into the Maven B.5 10x56mm review, let’s take a look at their specs and background.

Maven is an American optics company that’s been making waves since 2013. They’re based out in Lander, Wyoming, and they design best-in-class binoculars, spotting scopes, and all the cool accessories that go with them like cases, bino harnesses, tripod adapters, and even cleaning kits. What makes Maven stand out is their direct-to-consumer deal. This means, no crazy retail markup, you can get the good stuff without breaking the bank.

Moving to the specs, Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars have a 10x increased magnification paired with a 56mm objective lens. These binos come in at a size of 6.1×8.2×2.6 inches and weigh 45 ounces. It has a field of view of 65° and the field of view at 1000 yards is 341 feet. The eye relief is 19mm and it can focus on objects as close as 9.8 feet. These binos use Abbe-Koenig prisms and have a phase-correction coating. The Maven B.5 10x56mm is nitrogen-purged, and IPX7-rated for water resistance. It can handle temperatures from -13° up to 140°F. The B.5 10x56mm also comes with a diopter correction, adjustable eye width, and a 19mm eye relief. These binos don’t have extra-low dispersion glass, instead, they use fluorite glass which is scratch and oil-resistant. The binoculars are also tripod adaptable.

Now that we are done with the specs, let’s move on to my review of the Maven B.5 10x56mm binos.

Maven B.5 10x56mm Features

Maven B.5 10x56mm Features
1 Fluorite Lens

The 56mm objective lens features a fluorite lens that is an upgrade over Maven’s ED glass.

2 Magnesium Frame

The magnesium frame makes these binoculars light weight for their size.

3 Tripod Mount

These binos can be mounted for a tripod to improve their stability for long glassing sessions.

4 Focus Knob

Knurled focus knob is smooth and adjustable with gloved hands.

My Review of the Maven B.5 10x56mm

As I opened the box, the design of the Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars was the first thing that caught my attention, it was sleek. I noticed that the body of these binos was built like a tank, and when I picked them up, they seemed a little heavy. But when I took it out on a hunt, that’s when it hit me. The extra heft actually steadies the binos, reducing those small, jittery shakes when I’m holding them. So, it’s kind of a balancing act for that added stability. I really loved the textured adjustments on it. It gave me a solid grip. I was caught in the rain once, but there was no slipping and sliding with that grip. 

So, I decided to test the optical clarity of the Maven B.5 10x56mm during one of my hunts and let me tell you, the optics on these things are something else. The images I saw were not just clear, they were super bright and full of detail. I was out spotting some deer, even though the deer was far away. With these binoculars, I caught some fine details like the texture of its fur and the shape of its antlers. Now that was a pretty cool experience, I’d say.

The colors were spot-on, and the contrast was superb. The edge-to-edge clarity on these binos was great. I didn’t have to shift the binoculars around to get a clear picture. It was sharp all the time. There was a tiny bit of distortion around the edges, but you’d need to squint to see it.

I’ve got to tell you, the 10x magnification on my Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars is just what I need for spotting things from a distance. I’ve even managed to spot my targets from a mile away, and the quality of the image remained excellent.

I can confidently say that these binos shine in low-light conditions. During one of my late-night hunts, I spotted a buck grazing in the distance. Even though it was far away and almost pitch black, I was able to see it with ease. It made my spotting game in low light easy.

I really liked the diopter adjustment on the Maven B.5 10x56mm. It was firm enough to stay put, yet smooth enough for me to fine-tune it just the way I wanted. I got clearer images during my hunts, and it helped reduce my headaches and eye fatigue when I was out in the hunting grounds for longer durations.

The focus knobs on these binoculars were easy to use. I had no issues operating them with my gloves on. It allowed me to adjust my focus quickly and gave sharper views of my targets, which helped me take clean shots at them.

The Maven B.5 10x56mm also has a warm tint which gave me natural-looking images every time I took a peek. It improved the contrast and depth perception and made it easier to spot and track the game during my hunts. This also helped me differentiate subtle color variations and made my targets stand out in the background. It just made the whole viewing experience better, I’d say.

An issue that I faced while using Maven B.5 10x56mm was the off-axis sharpness of it. It was not as crisp as some other models I’ve used. However, the on-axis performance was excellent.

Maven B.5 10x56mm Pros and Cons 

  • Fluorite glass
  • Text
  • Attractive gray/orange color scheme
  • Pricey

Report Card


These optics are built to last.

Glass Clarity

The fluorite glass delivers top notch glass clarity.


From high end glass to an attractive color scheme, these binoculars have it all.


Lightweight and comfortable in the hand with a nice focus knob.


These binos are not cheap, but they deliver.

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Final thoughts on Maven B.5 10x56mm

As a hunting enthusiast, I really love my Maven B.5 10x56mm. These binoculars are packed with features, have killer optics, and are reliable. That’s why I have ranked the Maven B.5 10x56mm 4th in my best binoculars for hunting article. Whether I’m quietly tracking game or just enjoying nature, having a good pair of binos like the Maven B.5 10x56mm just makes the entire experience better. If you’re someone who loves hunting or being in the outdoors, these binoculars will give you a great viewing experience.

FAQs on Maven B.5 10x56mm

How durable are Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars?

These binoculars have a rock-solid magnesium frame, making them lightweight and sturdy. They are waterproof, nitrogen-purged, and designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -13° to 140°F, making them durable in various weather conditions.

Can Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars be used in low-light conditions?

Yes, the Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars are designed to perform well in low-light conditions. It features a 56mm lens and top-notch optics that provide clear and sharp views, even in dim light. This makes them ideal for your late-night hunting activities.

Why does the Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars use fluorite glass?

The Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars use fluorite glass for a better optical performance. This makes the images clear, detailed, and color-accurate when viewing through the binoculars.

What is the field of view and magnification range of Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars?

The Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars have a wide 6.5° view, which makes it easier for you to scan and track during your hunts. It has a 10x zoom, which is great for seeing your targets from far away and you would still get images that are clear and detailed.

Can Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars be used with gloves?

Yes. The Maven B.5 10x56mm binoculars have a large focus knob that’s easy to use, even with gloves on. This design allows you to effortlessly make focus adjustments whenever you need.


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