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April 19, 2024



I have a confession, I am a tactical hipster. I drink craft beer, I wear Dixxon flannels, and I love CZs. The CZ 75 design has been altered and changed and adapted, and the CZ P-09 is one such adaption. In this CZ P09 review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 9mm model featuring an FDE frame and night sights.

I originally reviewed the CZ P-09 in 2020. But now, after shooting 100 more rounds and spending more time with it, my thoughts on this gun have changed. Let’s take a look at this updated review to see what’s different.

CZ P09 Specs

  • Capacity 19
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Overall Length 8.1″
  • Barrel Length 4.54″
  • Height 5.79″
  • Weight 31 ounces

CZ P-09 Background

As a former Marine, I have a deep appreciation for the design of the CZ P-09. The CZ 75 holds legendary status in the firearms world, and the P-09 represents a modern take on that iconic design.

The P-09 was designed to update the classic CZ 75 in a simpler and more affordable platform.

And it uses a polymer frame, which is quite a significant departure from the standard CZ designs.

The polymer frame design incorporates a modern Picatinny rail, as well as interchangeable backstraps.

This allows the CZ P-09 to accommodate different grip sizes.

This brought the old-school CZ 75 model up to current standards and allowed it to become a direct competitor to Glock, S&W, FN, and many more.

The standout feature is that the gun retained the CZ’s DA/SA design and the slide riding inside the frame rails.

The CZ P-09 is a big fella, and this full-sized gun carries 19 rounds in its flush-fitting magazine, and with the included two extensions you get a tremendous 21 shots in a full-sized pistol. This is a design that is focused primarily in the realm of duty and home defense. Dedicated concealed carriers could make it work, but it’s not something that’s viable for everyone.

The CZ P-09 has been adopted around Eastern Europe, and CZ even tossed in a design for the United States Army’s MHS contest, but it was quickly out of the running due to its design. Outside of military and police forces, the CZ P-09 is an excellent home defense handgun and offers the modern features necessary for such a task.

CZ P09 Features

1 Swappable Safety/Decocker

Choose how you want to carry.

2 Interchangeable Backstraps

Custom fit to your hand.

3 Two Included Baseplates

Always nice to have extras.

4 Simplified CZ Omega Trigger

Long reset for a single action

5 Front and Rear Serrations

Makes gripping the slide that much easier.

CZ P-09 – Our Take

The CZ P-09 certainly fills the hand and provides you a lotta gun to grip. It’s not obnoxious or too wide to be comfortable. The P-09 is a well-balanced gun that I think people of all sizes could handle. The additional backstraps range quite a bit in size, so we have something for everyone. I have big hands and use the medium-sized backstrap.

Like most CZ handguns, the ergonomics are on point. The grip is incredibly comfortable and allows for complete control over the gun. The trigger guard has a high undercut, and that paired with an aggressive beavertail makes a high grip comfortable and slide bite-free. The controls are also straightforward, but also very large.

The ability to swap between a manual safety or a decocker allows the most discerning shooter to decide how they want to outfit their weapon. With the safety, you can carry locked and cocked 1911 style with a single action trigger pull. The decocker allows you to never have to worry about a safety as part of your manual of arms. Swapping from decocker to safety and vice versa is very simple to do, and the manual explains it enough so that anyone can do it.

I prefer a decoker. The general design makes the decocker or safety ambidextrous. It’s also not afraid to be nice and large and easy to engage. The slide lock is the exact same way and is one of the few guns that my big thumbs don’t pin down with my natural firing grip.

How the P-09 Shoots

The CZ P-09 is a solid little shooter that’s plenty accurate. From 25 yards, I can ring a popper with boring regularity and land good and effective shots into the body of a silhouette target. Going further than that and you start becoming more minute of bad guy accurate. I’m still hitting the popper at 35 yards, but just barely.

At 50 yards, even if I aim for the chest of a human-size torso, I can still hit the torso, albeit not exactly where I want it.

Like all DA/SA guns, the first-round trigger pull is rather heavy, around ten pounds, followed by a lighter 4.5-pound single-action trigger. The reset is very long for a gun with a single-action trigger. That’s one issue with the Omega trigger. I personally swapped mine out with a short reset trigger system from Cajun Gun Works, and that made a massive difference in how the trigger felt and improved my accuracy.

The stock trigger does leave something to be desired, and I admittedly do expect a little more from CZ.

It’s a Blast

The CZ P-09 is a ton of fun to shoot. The minimal muzzle rise and soft recoil make it very comfortable and controllable. The gun handles very smoothly, and the full-size frame and the weight associated with it disburses recoil well. This is a gun I often use with new shooters when stepping up from a 22 LR pistol.

The control offered by the gun makes it a natural for combat-oriented shooting. Shooting fast and accurately is easy at the right range. You can control the weapon and pull off fun stuff like the Collateral drill on two targets at near point-blank range with excellent accuracy.

Does it Eat?

Oh boy, it sure does. One of the good things about guns designed in Eastern Europe is the fact they tend to be inherently reliable. They also tend to be heavy, unergonomic bricks, but CZ does defy that. The P-09 eats it all.

This includes heavy JHPs designed for defense, lightweight fmjs for plinking, and even the cheapest and dirtiest steel-cased garbage you can find on the bottom rung of ammo tiers. I’ve owned this gun for about four years now, and it’s been through the wringer.

Between my own hipster-like love of CZs and the fact that lots of new shooters have tried their hands with the gun, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen any malfunctions. Even the magazines are robust and seemingly resistant to dust, dirt, and sand. I say this because they’ve been dropped in numerous times.

Yeah, But How Much Does it Cost?

Fair question and the good news is that it’s rather affordable. The models vary in price a bit, but the basic model can be found for around 400 bucks. That’s a great value for a great gun. Four hundred bucks put it below many of its competitors.

The downside is when you look at the entire cost of ownership, things get a little pricer. Magazines go for around 50 bucks, and that stacks up swiftly. Also, parts, pieces, and customization options are a bit rare and somewhat expensive.

CZ P-09 Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Ergonomics
  • High Capacity
  • Options to Tailor Gun to User
  • Affordable Initial Investment
  • Expensive Magazines
  • Limited Aftermarket
  • Long Reset with Stock Trigger

Report Card


Never have the gun, or the magazines had any issues functioning. This is regardless of the ammo type or shooter’s skill.


With the stock trigger, the accuracy is acceptable but doesn’t live up to the gun’s true potential. Especially on that first shot. After installing a lighter trigger with a short reset, the difference was night and day.


The CZ P09 is quite easy and fun to shoot. Recoil is minimum, as is muzzle rise, and this results in an easy shooting gun regardless of skill. After a long day of training with a concealed carry gun, it’s nice to come home to the P09.


I would like a slightly more aggressive grip texture. Other than that, I have zero issues with the way the gun handles and feels. Especially when it comes to the slide lock and my big thumbs.


The gun itself is quite affordable and more so than most guns in this category. The downside is the magazines, which cost a quarter of the gun’s price.


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CZ P-09 Starter Pack

So, you’ve decided to join the CZ revolution and pick up a P-09. Well, I don’t blame you. It’s a good, reliable pistol ready to go bang when you need it to. However, do you have everything you’re going to need to get started? Here are the basics:

  • Gun Cleaning Kit: Gloryfire Universal Cleaning Kit on Amazon
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  • Storage: Vaultek Lifepod on Amazon

CZ P-09 Gun Deals

Looking for the best gun deals on a new CZ P-09? Finding one can be pretty tough nowadays. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to bring you these juicy leads.

Disclaimer: Priced at time of writing. Prices and availability are subject to change.

CZ P-09 Review – FAQs

Is the CZ P-09 suitable for concealed carry?

While the CZ P-09 can be concealed carried, its size and weight make it more suitable for duty use or home defense. It may not be ideal for all your concealed carry needs.

How does the CZ P-09 perform in terms of accuracy?

The CZ P-09 offers acceptable accuracy, especially within typical self-defense distances. However, some of you may find improvements in accuracy by upgrading the trigger system.

What is the capacity and caliber of the CZ P-09?

The CZ P-09 has a capacity of 19 rounds in its flush-fitting magazine and with the included two extensions, it can hold up to 21 shots. The caliber of the CZ P-09 is 9mm.

Are the steel sights on the CZ P-09 good for precision shooting?

They are okay for regular shooting, but they might not give you the pinpoint accuracy some shooters crave. This could be because the brightness of the sights and how clear the picture is might not be up to everyone’s standards.

Upgrades and Accessories for the CZ P-09

There’s not too much customization to do with these pistols outside of a few expensive aftermarket replacements. After all, CZ gives you quite a few extra straight out of the box. However, if you do plan on carrying this pistol, you’re going to want a top-notch holster. 

Our favorite happens to be from Neptune Concealment. They can custom-build your holster in just about any way you want it.

Best Holsters for the CZ P-09

HolsterDetailsCheck Price

Neptune Concealment Custom Holster
  • Custom Made Kydex
  • Can Be Built to Accomodate Laser/Light
  • Very High Quality and Comfortable
Check Price
We the People IWB Kydex
  • Fully Adjustable Cant/Ride/Retention
  • Built from High Quality Kydex
  • Made for Easy Reholster
Check Price
R&R OWB Kydex Holster
  • Affordable
  • Partial Sweat Guard Backing
  • Made in USA
Check Price

Best Ammo for Your CZ P-09

With one magazine holding 19 rounds, it’s super easy to burn through a lot of ammunition in this pistol. Unfortunately, that doesn’t bode well for your wallet if you’re shooting working ammo. Be sure to pick up some cheaper ball ammo when you’re getting in your range time.

Range Rounds


MagTech 9mm 115 GR FMJ Ammo

Cost Per Round
Natchez Shooter’s Supply $0.24
Brownells $0.23
Palmetto State Armory $0.34

Working Ammunition


Barnes 9mm 115 GR Ammo

Cost Per Round
Palmetto State Armory $0.92
Natchez Shooter’s Supply $1.15

How to Care for Your CZ P-09

In order to truly call yourself an owner of this pistol, you’re going to need to learn how to completely disassemble and reassemble the weapon. After all, how are you going to swap out that safety option or even clean the gun when it is time?

Fortunately, AshburnArmorer put together an awesome video on how to really get down and dirty with the CZ P-09. 

Important Links and Manuals for Your CZ P-09

You have now reached the end of this gun review. If you need more information on the CZ P-09, don’t worry. There’s plenty of information available right at your fingertips. We recommend checking out these links to see more about this weapon and what it has to offer.


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  1. for me the best combo of 1911 grip angle, glock 17 weight and capacity, single action trigger is neither too light nor noticeably heavy. Accuracy at 25+ yds challenges my 92. Not Like. tested at 50 yds. Like most large high cap not the most concealable but I easily stretched my 92 iwb holster to fit. It is easy to like.

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