Crosstac Precision Range Shooting Mat Review [Tested!]

by Tom Moore

July 28, 2022



The Crosstac Precision Range Shooting Mat is one of the most popular shooting mats on the market. Used by government agencies and civilian shooters alike, the mat provides a stable shooting platform for precision shooting.

Made from high-quality materials, this mat is durable and comfortable to shoot from. It also features built-in bipod support for stability and easy target acquisition.

Whether you’re shooting at the range or in the field, the Crosstac Precision Range Shooting Mat is a great choice.

Let’s dive into this hands-on review and see if it’s worth the price tag and if we can call it our choice for the best shooting mat.

Crosstac Precision Range Specs

  • Dimensions 3.3 inches x 21 inches x 35.3 inches
  • Weight 4 lbs
  • Color Multicam

Crosstac Precision Review

Crosstac’s Precision Range Shooting Mat is a great tactical shooting mat for shooters who are looking for bipod support, a flat shooting nonslip surface, easy stow-ability, and comfort.

When I unfold the Crosstac mat, it lays out flat and provides me with a comfortable and stable shooting platform which is a feature or requirement that I’m looking for when I’m wanting to do some long-range shooting.

Because of the way the Crosstac mat folds, is also easily stowed away thanks to its flat design, and when I lay it out it gives me a nice flat surface without it trying to ‘roll up’ on the ends.

In regards to the foam and comfortability, the mat’s foam construction is awesome. Crosstac says that this is because the superior quality of the USA foam which is rated to -20F won’t cold crack and has the perfect thickness & density for both comfort and ground stability. I can definitely vouch for the comfortability factor and when I’m set up ready to send lead downrange I feel supported without feeling like I’m on something that’s too soft and squishy!

The two main negatives I have for this mat are the size when folded and the price point.

The size when setup is awesome, I feel that I have more than enough ground covering to be out of the dirt, rocks, and mud and plenty of room for my rifle. Some mats that I’ve used have been a little skinny which makes it a little hard to keep my elbows or dope book on the mat and not in the rocks, but not this mat. The downside is when it’s folded and you’re wanting to store this product, it’s a little bulky.

This is a bit of an investment as the price point is not the lowest out there, and the size can be a little baulky.

For me, I was looking for a mat for long-range shooting, so I’m only taking this mat from the truck to the shooting mound, so in this case, these issues didn’t really worry me. And as for price point, I valued comfortability and longevity over price as I’m planning on using this mat for a long time to come – so the cost of this investment was something I was prepared for.

Overall, I feel that the Crosstac Precision Range Shooting Mat is an excellent choice for shooters who are looking for a high-quality shooting solution and are going to spend a lot of time in the prone position.

If the Crosstac Precision shooting mat isn’t for you and you’re looking for some more options, I would recommend the US Peacekeeper Shooting Mat Review and our Best Shooting Mats article.

Crosstac Precision Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Padding
  • Built in Bipod Rail
  • High Durability
  • On the pricier-end of mats
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