California Mag Ban 2nd AmendmentIn 2016, California banned so-called “Large Capacity Magazines” which hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition under their Proposition 63. The California Rifle & Pistol Association filed a lawsuit (Duncan v. Becerra) in mid-2017 before the law went into effect.

A U.S. District court just made a favorable decision in the case (for those of us that celebrate the entire Bill of Rights). In his opinion, Judge Roger T. Benitez wrote:

“California’s law prohibiting acquisition and possession of magazines able to hold any more than 10 rounds places a severe restriction on the core right of self-defense of the home such that it amounts to a destruction of the right and is unconstitutional under any level of scrutiny,” . . .

“California’s ban is far-reaching, absolute, and permanent. The ban on acquisition and possession on magazines able to hold more than 10 rounds, together with the substantial criminal penalties threatening a law-abiding, responsible, citizen who desires such magazines to protect hearth and home, imposes a burden on the constitutional right that this Court judges as severe.” . . .

“The magazine ban arbitrarily selects 10 rounds as the magazine capacity over which possession is unlawful. … The ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds amounts to a prohibition on an entire class of ‘arms’ that is overwhelmingly chosen by American citizens for the lawful purpose of self-defense,”

Although this is a great win for the firearms community, it is not likely to be over. According to The Hill, “[the plaintiffs] acknowledged that the state was likely to appeal Friday’s decision to the 9th Circuit.”

So, Californians, you might want to get some magazines. 🙂