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Author: Ryan Cleckner

There’s Only One You – A Gun Safety Book for Children

There’s Only One You – A Gun Safety Book for Children is a book about firearm safety for BOTH parents and kids. The story for children is approachable and discusses how accidents can happen in daily life but they’re still loved and the accidents are often easily fixed. Unlike other gun safety books, it doesn’t scream “gun book” and only introduces firearms at the end – the characters learn that an accident with a firearm isn’t the same as other accidents. A broken lamp can be easily repaired but the child simply can’t be replaced! There’s a message for parents at the end of the book that reminds them that true firearm safety starts with them. It is NEVER ok to allow a child to have unsupervised access to a firearm. This book is ideal for parents regardless of their views on firearm ownership. Even with no guns in their home, parents are still concerned about what will happen should their child encounter a firearm at someone else’s house. See it on From the back cover: Alice and Jack are busy kids! Like any busy kid, they make mistakes. Fortunately, their parents are understanding and quick to forgive. But when Jack goes to visit his Gramps, who owns a gun, Jack and Alice both learn that you cannot make mistakes around guns. There s only one you! Firearm...

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Long Range Shooting Handbook

The Long Range Shooting Handbook is an Amazon #1 Bestselling book (for over 2 years straight) and is highly regarded as the ultimate book for those looking to get into long range shooting with their precision rifle. A portion of the proceeds of every book sold are donated to two military charities: the Sua Sponte Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. To date (October, 2018), there have been over 65,000 copies sold and 10s of thousands of dollars donated. The author (Ryan Cleckner) is a precision rifle shooting subject matter expert known for his ability to break down...

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300 PRC – Ballistics and Comparisons

The 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (or 300 PRC) is about to be the hottest new cartridge, especially in long range shooting and hunting circles… the world just doesn’t know it yet. Now, to be fair, I regularly warn against adopting the latest new “fad” cartridge. After all, there’s always a new cartridge coming out that promises to do what no other cartridge has done before. Usually, the claims are true (mostly), but I rarely think it is worth chasing the newest thing. First, you could be an early adopter only to have the cartridge fade away and you’re left...

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5 Last Minute 2017 Christmas Gifts for Your Shooter

Yes, Christmas is almost here! If you’re like me, you likely have a few last-minute things that you’d like to pick up for a gun guy or gal (which may be yourself). 🙂 We’ve compiled 5 gifts that we use, and would love to have as a present for Christmas.  Most important, all of these are available on Amazon (links below) and can easily arrive before Christmas IF you order today!   1. Howard Leight Electronic Hearing Protection  These babies are the best electronic ear protection we’ve used and they’re also the most affordable. Win win! I’ve used,...

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300 Norma Mag – Ballistics and Caliber Comparison

The 300 Norma Magnum (shortened to 300 Norma Mag or even just 300 Norma) is the hottest new precision long range round of ammo – especially in the special operations military sniper world. In this article, we’re going to explore: 300 Norma Mag Background 300 Norma Magnum Ballistics Cartridge Comparisons 300 Norma vs. 338 Lapua 300 Norma Mag Brass 300 Norma Magnum Ammunition 300 Norma Bullets 300 Norma Rifles   300 Norma Mag Background The 300 Norma was selected by SOCOM for the new Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) competition because of its impressive external ballistics. You may be asking,...

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Long Range Shooting Handbook

Pick up the bestselling book that makes shooting long range easy!

The Long Range Shooting Handbook is the ultimate guide to understanding how to use a precision rifle.

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