With the current calls for increased gun control, the pro-gun community is starting to get a bit nervous and is starting to stock up on “high-capacity” magazines before they’re banned and it’s too late.

If this rush (we’re seeing early signs of one starting now) is anything like prior ones, online retailers will be out of stock of magazines soon. We’re not saying that you need to buy magazines now. However, if you’ve been thinking about getting some more magazines for your AR-15, you might want to stock up now!

Here are some of the best deals we’ve found online for AR-15 magazines:


AR-15 Magazine Deals Online

MagpulP-Mag M310 pack$119.99$11.99https://snp.link/09b04be7
MagpulP-Mag M310 pack$124.99$12.49https://snp.link/b2035bf8
MagpulP-Mag M3Single$12.30$12.30https://snp.link/8e0917f8


1. Magpul P-Mag Gen M3 AR-15 Magazines

ar-15 magazine dealsI’ll admit, it took me a while to warm up to polymer magazines but I now truly believe these are the best magazines available for you AR-15!

They feed great, they don’t bend (permanently), and they are super easy to care for.  If you’re looking to stock up on some extra magazines, snag some of these Magpul Gen M3 AR mags and you won’t be sorry (earlier generations are good to but the M3 are my favorite).

Here are the best deals for Magpul P-Mags we’ve found:

Magpul P-Mag 10-pack from Gun Mag Warehouse

Magpul P-Mag 10-pack from Brownells

Magpul P-Mags from Palmetto State Armory