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Yes, Christmas is almost here!

If you’re like me, you likely have a few last-minute things that you’d like to pick up for a gun guy or gal (which may be yourself). 🙂

We’ve compiled 5 gifts that we use, and would love to have as a present for Christmas.  Most important, all of these are available on Amazon (links below) and can easily arrive before Christmas IF you order today!


1. Howard Leight Electronic Hearing Protection

These babies are the best electronic ear protection we’ve used and they’re also the most affordable. Win win!

I’ve used, and gone through, multiple sets of “higher-end” Peltors and always thought that these were the “budget” model set of electronic ear protection. I finally snagged a set and boy was I wrong!  I’ve been using the same set for YEARS and they are still going strong.

The are louder than others, they have an automatic shut-off so you don’t drain the batteries in your range bag, and they have a headphone jack so I can even use them on my riding lawn mower while listening to music from my iPhone!

Get these for yourself, and snag an extra set for you range bag for when you bring someone shooting. It’s way easier (and more enjoyable) than shouting instructions to a new shooter.

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2. Ammo Cans

If you shoot, you need ammo! And, if you’ve got ammo, you need to store it properly!

I’ve often said that 1 gun with a 1,000 bullets is way better than 1,000 guns and 1 bullet.

My favorite method of storing ammunition is in good ol’ metal military ammo cans. Of course, there are plastic ammo cans that are less expensive too.

I’ve listed the two-pack here because I think that it is the best deal.

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3. Long Range Shooting Handbook

Come on, you didn’t expect to me to make a gift guide for shooters and not include my own book, did you?

The Long Range Shooting Handbook has been a #1 Bestseller on Amazon for 23 straight months, it has sold over 34,000 copies, it has 600 reviews, and 25% of the proceeds from its sale are donated to military charities.

If you’re not convinced that this is the best book on long range shooting, just look at the comments (and the stats above).

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4. Caldwell Shooting Bags

If you’ve read my book (above), you know that I think that shooting off of bags is WAY more stable than shooting off of bipod legs.

Sure, I prefer to use a shooting pack that has my other shooting gear in it but a set of these bags is really handy (especially for zeroing in that new rifle from Christmas).

These are the “filled” bags. If you’d like to fill your own bags, you can purchased the Unfilled Caldwell Shooting Bags and then fill them with something lightweight. My favorite material is Airsoft Beads.


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5. Wheeler Torque Wrench

Don’t make my mistake: waiting too long to get a torque wrench.

I’ve only recently purchased and started using a torque wrench (shame on me). I know that I should have used one, especially for mounting scope rings to a scope, but I never realized how much I was missing out on until I got one!

The best part about this item as a gift is, there’s a good chance that the person you want to get this for doesn’t already have one!

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